26-Year-Old Speaks About Being Mistaken For Older Age (Video)

A 26-year-old content creator has gone viral after opening up about constantly being mistaken for an older age. The man’s revelation has sparked a widespread conversation and comparisons between Millennials and Gen Z.

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More Details Regarding The 26-Year-Old’s Viral Sentiments

Earlier this week, social media user @jordan_the_stallion8 or Jordan Howlett, took to Instagram and TikTok to share a video that has since garnered over 17 million views total. Additionally, he captioned the clip, “It’s getting out of hand #Old.”

The clip began with a podcast host explaining that Gen Z is “aging really rapidly.” A clip of Howlett then abruptly cuts in.

“It is mainly because of the stress…” Howlett told viewers. “We live in a time nowadays where millennials look way younger for their age while Gen Z looks way older for their age.”

The man, who dons a full beard, tells viewers that if they don’t believe him, he’s Gen Z.

“I am Gen Z, and nobody ever believes me. When my mom and I walk out in public, people think that my mom is my younger sister,” he continued. “When I tell people, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go hang out with my family, they think I’m talking about my children — I don’t have kids. I’m still the child!”

Howlett recalled an experience when The Rock signed an autograph for him, believing it was for his son.

Watch the man’s sentiments below. Scroll also to see how The Rock reacted.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in. To date, Howlett’s sentiments have garnered over 24,000 responses, with many appearing to agree.

Instagram user @watchj wrote, That’s cuz yall didn’t play outside… that water from the water hose is the real fountain of youth!”

While Instagram user @theseanjefe added, That’s because Gen Z wasn’t outside like the rest of us lol.. Getting no vitamin D…”

Instagram user @idontgetpaidenoughforthis remarked, I was really unsure of how old Jordan was lmaoooo but I d**n sure did not think 26 😭 I thought he was 35 🤭”

Instagram user @imani_reena posed a theory, They’re aging like s**t cause everyone wanna be grown too fast. Millenials respected authority. We weren’t busy trying to be grown, wearing makeup at a young age or wearing promiscuous clothing underage.”

While Instagram user @kolormepinkplz added,I thought it was just me thinking this! I’m always appalled when some of these influencers birthdays roll around. Like sis, you’re 20 what?”

Another User Has Caused Conversation On The Internet This Week

Jordan Howlett isn’t the only social media users stirring a massive conversation on platforms this week. As The Shade Room previously reported, Leland Desmond Brown Jr. went viral after recently sharing that he and his girlfriend live inside a storage unit in Philadephia, Pennsylvania.

In the man’s video, he explained that he and his girlfriend had all they needed — restrooms, cooking appliances, electricity, and more.

However, after going viral, Brown Jr. returned to social media to share an unfortunate update.

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