9-Year-Old Boy Attempts To Drive To School Starting Police Chase

A 9-year-old California boy led the police on a car chase as he attempted to drive himself to school.

The New York Post reports he stole his mother’s car and ultimately crashed her whip into a police cruiser.

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The Oroville, California, police officer who pursued the boy’s vehicle didn’t realize an adult wasn’t operating the fleeing car. It wasn’t until the car came to a complete stop that he realized it was a child, ABC News 7 reports.

What Happened?

The little boy stopped the car at the intersection of Fourth and Grand. Consequently, the police officer used his PA system to order the vehicle to move. The 9-year-old followed the command and exited on Fourth Street. He entered a Valero gas station parking lot and then drove into a dirt lot.

Then, the young boy accidentally backed into Oroville, California, highway patrol officer Terry Dunn’s car.

He said he “[noticed] a little head bobbin inside – unusual.”

Dunn continued, “I exited my patrol vehicle, made an approach, and as I was approaching, I could see a kid, which turned out to be a 9-year-old child, sticking his head out saying, ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to get to school.’”

Little buddy almost made it. His school was right next door to where they were parked, per ABC News 7.

“At that point, we’re trying to identify if that was the school he was actually heading to. We contacted the principal, we contacted the parent, and everyone showed up to the scene,” he said. 

Officers’ Reaction To The Car Chase

Dunn stated officers were in disbelief after they learned what had occurred.

The officer stated he was feeling “just shock.”

“…Several other officers showed up as well, and it was kind of one of those ‘no one really believed it’ kind of things,” he explained.

The policeman added, “So several other officers showed up to the scene just to see, in fact, that it was a 9-year-old driving the vehicle.”

Additionally, Dunn stated, “Hopefully, a lot of other people take this to heart and learn from it. So, hopefully, this doesn’t happen again in the future. Just maybe talk to your children about the dangers of driving a vehicle and what could possibly happen.”

In the end, the young bull made it to school.

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