A Boogie Drops Songs Amid Cheating Claims

Ella Bands has reacted to A Boogie seemingly releasing a song after she was accused of being with an influencer’s ex.

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A Boogie Releases Songs Seemingly In Response To Accusations Against Ella

On Monday, April 22, A Boogie took to Instagram to share a reel with fans. The clip featured a snippet of music, animated cover art, and bold text that read, “ALONE.”

Additionally, Boogie’s post was captioned with the words:

“I rather be ALONE”

When fans headed over to streaming platforms, it showed that the reel was a promotion for an EP the rapper had just released. The EP is titled “ALONE” and features four tracks, per Apple Music.

On the third track, titled ‘How To Love,’ Boogie raps about knowing he messed up. Additionally, he says that he knows his partner stopped loving him.

“I know I f****d up… cause I looked at my cup empty / You be nervous when you’re with me ’cause I got dogs with me / I know I did you dirty ’cause you stopped loving me / I know I did you dirty ’cause you stopped loving me / I took my time with you, how could you just be done with me?”

Ella Bands Reacts

Amid the release of A Boogie’s latest EP, Ella Bands took to X, formerly known as Twitter, with a few words.

Swipe below to see some of her tweets and listen to A Boogie’s ‘How To Love.’

Additionally, Bands tweeted another sentiment before hopping off the platform on Monday.

“One thing a man gonna do is put themselves first.”

Over on Instagram, Bands shared a photo of herself while dropping a few more words, seemingly directed at Boogie.

“& wen u lose me swear to God, won’t get ya btch back 🖤”

Then, in her Instagram Story, she reposted words from a fan who thanked her for seemingly making A Boogie release music so soon.

“Well, you’re welcome,” she responded, adding a flushed smile emoji.

A Brief Recap Of The Accusations Against Ella Bands

As The Shade Room previously reported, on Wednesday, April 17, an influencer named Marcy Diaz took to social media with accusations against Ella. At the time, Diaz posted a photo of the mother of two sitting next to a man and smiling.

From there, she went on to air out why she was “mad” at Ella.

“And why I’m mad at ELLA is because like I said I used her a brand ambassador a few times for both my businesses !  When she come to Miami she always ask me for recommendations on makeup artists ! Hair stylist ! And more!!!!… Like I said I would never look at her dude like that when they break up every month ! Cause I wasn’t raised like that!!!” she wrote.

Additionally, Diaz tagged the rapper and said: “Get YA BABY MOMS SON”

In response, Ella took to her Instagram and shared audio from Lady Saw’s 2004 hit single, ‘I’ve Got Your Man.’

At the time, Boogie also reacted to the allegations against Ella publicly.

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