Akbar V Reveals Beyoncé Allegedly Wants To Work With Her

Rapper Akbar V took to social media and announced Beyoncé allegedly wants to work with her.

The reality star took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the good news, but social media is skeptical.

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The 34-year-old tweeted, “Yall they just call me and told me @Beyonce want to work with me I’m so fking happpy y’all…… omg i can cry right now.”

Social Media Reacts

The Roomies weighed in on Akbar’s announcement.

Most commenters on The ShadeRoom’s Instagram report criticized the YouTube creator for publicly discussing it.

@kennenthkyrell stated the rapper should have kept the news on the low until the project was officially complete.

He wrote, “We as people have to stop making announcements before the ink dries.”

Another Roomie, @caleblee1, quipped, “Real gees move through the garden in silence like gnomes or whatever Wayne said. The point is, don’t broadcast it until it’s done.”

Some believed Akbar wasn’t being truthful.

“Lying on Beyonce internet and Jesus Resurrecting weekend is nasty work,” @mekasway typed.

@cdotmoody claimed the Queen’s NDAs would have prevented such an announcement.

“Lady please, Beyonce NDA is VBRANIUM if you did get a call we wouldn’t know until that project was playing on tidal and saw you in the credits… Cut it out.”

@urbaninformer agreed stating the TV personality likely ruined her opportunity at a collab if she had one.

“Who is THEY?!?!” he wrote. “If this is the case, you may have blown it. You know Bey move in silence.”

Working with the Queen would definitely bring light to Akbar’s life. The rapper was struggling emotionally with the hospitalization of her daughter, Dora, in December 2023. This could be the pick-me-up she needs.

Best of luck to Akbar if the alleged collaboration comes to fruition!

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