Alabama Judge Sentences Carlee Russell For Hoax Kidnapping

Carlee Russell pleaded guilty on Thursday to faking her kidnapping last summer and received probation.

According to WSFA News,  Judge David Carpenter told her, “It would be a waste of government resources to put you in jail.”

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Carlee, 26, appeared at the Jefferson County Circuit Court on Thursday to receive the judge’s ruling. She faced two misdemeanor counts for filing a false police report after orchestrating a kidnapping hoax. The fabricated kidnapping sparked a national search last summer.

The Alabamian will be supervised on probation for one year and pay $17,974.88 in restitution. Additionally, she must complete 100 hours of community service in Hoover. She will also continue receiving mental health services, however, she will not receive jail time.

Carlee Russell Apologizes For Her Actions

Carlee spoke in court for the first time, acknowledging her actions and apologizing to the community.

“I want to genuinely apologize for my actions and the resulting negative impact inflicted onto others.”

She continued, “I made a grave mistake while trying to fight through various issues and stress.”

Carlee also acknowledged how the hoax affected the emotions of those who loved her and people around the world. As previously reported, her ex-boyfriend, Thomar Simmons stated he was “traumatized” by the incident.

I’m extremely remorseful for the panic, fear, and various range of negative emotions that were experienced across the nation,” she said.

Furthermore, she specifically apologized for the embarrassment her actions caused.

“I want to specifically acknowledge and take accountability for the pain and embarrassment that I inflicted upon my family, my church family, friends, neighbors, community, and all of those who were directly involved in search efforts for me,” Carlee shared.

Judge Carpenter also took a moment to speak directly to Russell.

“It is a waste of resources to have a trial. Although we are upset about what you’ve done, we’re not going to treat you differently than we would any other person charged with misdemeanors,” he said.

The nursing student will return to court on Oct. 16 for a review hearing. The amount of community service she has completed and restitution paid at that time will be reviewed.

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