Alexis Skyy Apologizes To Yandy & Mendeecess For THIS Reason

Alexis Skyy is taking public accountability for being a silent witness to her friend dragging Yandy Smith and Mendeecees‘ marriage.

The moment took place a few days ago. Skyy sat beside a male friend during a live stream as he alleged that Mendeecees cheats on Yandy.

He claimed, “So, Mendeecees has been cheating on Yandy since they got on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ and I know a couple of women that he was looking at about a year ago. Let me tell you something: Yandy ain’t exciting him anymore.” 

Alexis Skyy’s Response To The Incident Went Like THIS

Alexis, who sat by occasionally laughing at her friend’s allegations, began her statement with an apology.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to Mendeecees and Yandy about speaking on their marriage and I know I didn’t really say anything, but just being present in that situation is not okay. I’ve been working on myself for the last two years and I don’t even partake in things like this, but we were on live having a fun time talking about different topics.”

Alexis added that she was “very unaware” that her friend was going to introduce the claims. Nonetheless, she said, “there’s no excuse for what happened.” Additionally, Alexis Skyy said it was “wrong” because she allowed it to happen on her platform.

“I really feel bad, so at this point, there’s really nothing more to really say. But I just want to apologize to both of you,” Skyy said.

Swipe below to see what Alexis’ friend claimed. 

This lil’ drama involving Alexis comes after she spoke to The Shade Room last August about her move back to Atlanta. At the time, she shared her struggles with parenting a child with special needs alone and her next entrepreneurial chapter. She also highlighted keeping her private business off the internet.

“I don’t want to be seen with anybody on the internet again, unless we’re married. No more, oh my boyfriend phases. When my husband arrives, then… I probably won’t even show his face. I just want to protect my peace, my aura. Yes, I’m casually dating and stuff.”

At this time, the married couple, Yandy and Mendeecees, has yet to respond to Alexis Skyy’s apology video.

However, aside from these cheating claims, Yandy and Mendeecees’ marriage was also a viral topic two weeks ago. During a promo clip of ‘Love & Hip Hop ATL,’ he told a producer that “commitment” is “1,000 percent” keeping their marriage together more than “love.” They joined the Atlanta version of the franchise a few years ago after debuting on the New York series in 2011.

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