Amber Rose Brings Clarity To Alleged Chris Rock Romance

Amber Rose sets the record straight on her alleged romantic relationship with Chris Rock after they were spotted together last December.

The mom of two sat down with Entertainment Tonight and cleared the air alongside her bestie, Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna.

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Are Amber and Chris Dating?

The reporter jumped right in asking Rose about the viral photos with Rock on the streets of New York. The 40-year-old stated, “It was not a date.”

She told the reporter they were nothing more than homies.

“I’m not a very open person with my friendships,” Amber explained. “I don’t post a lot on social media. I like to keep my friendships very private.”

She added, “I’ve been friends with Chris Rock for like 13 years.”

When asked how they came to be acquainted the ‘Slut Walk’ founder said, “Just from a long time ago.”

Amber Explains The Day The Photos Were Taken

Rose shared how her link up with Rock in the Big Apple came to be, stating, “I was in New York, and I’m like, ‘Yo! Let’s go meet for coffee.’ We met for coffee, we talked some crap to each other, [and] he made me laugh ’cause he’s hilarious!”

She said with a shrug, “And that’s our friendship. You know?”

Angela Gives Her Two Cents

Angela chimed in stating,  “I hate the fact that it’s like, okay, cause you’re a female but you can’t have male friends and that’s why Amber did the Slut Walk…”

White continued, “Just because you see a beautiful woman with a man that is successful in whatever it is that he’s doing, it can be real estate or entertainment or whatever…why does it always have to be more?”

Rose said this is likely the reason why she keeps her friendships on the low.

“…Probably why I never posted like ‘Hey me and Chris Rock are getting coffee’ because I just didn’t want that narrative. I’m gonna value my friendship and just leave it at that. And then paparazzi caught us but we were not holding hands and we were obviously very separate and it just becomes very unfair sometimes,” she shared.

Amber said they have a true friendship where she “[gives] him relationship advice.” Additionally, she stated that she gives tips on “what women like.”

The model admitted that she has several high-profile friendships she hasn’t exposed to the public.

Amber said she’s still disinterested in dating, telling the ET host she is “happily single.”

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