An Escaped Pennslyvania Inmate Captured At Planet Fitness

An escaped prisoner has been apprehended after being located at a Philadephia Planet Fitness.

According to Yahoo! News, the man fled from custody in Western Pennsylvania in early December.

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Isaiah Robert Tilghman, 33, was knabbed 200 miles west of Philadephia. FOX Philadelphia reported that he was seen on Friday (March 23) on the 1800 black of East Schiller Street in the Kensington area.  Law officials swooped in and detained him on the 3300 block of Aramingo Avenue in Phili.

Tilgham reportedly drove a Black BMW to Planet Fitness.

Officials Arrest Tilghman After His Workout

More than a dozen agents awaited his departure from outside of the gym. Plain-clothed officers, marked officers, and canine officers surrounded the building, ABC News reports. Tilgham exited the facility around 11 a.m. and was subsequently cuffed.

A US Marshall Service representative told ABC News, “When he came out, there was gonna be no avenue of escape because we figured he was gonna run. He has a history of fleeing…” 

Officials discovered Isaiah knew someone in the Kensington area and began surveillance. They watched him the day before and the day of the arrest.

How Did Isaiah Escape From Prison?

The US Marshals Fugitive Task Force was assigned to capture 8 escaped prisoners. Isaiah was the last inmate at large.

The escapee was incarcerated on drug charges and for violating his parole. Tilghman allegedly used a “homemade rope” to escape from the Blair County prison on Dec. 3. He managed to steal a 2011 red Ford F-150 after his escape.

Isaiah enjoyed nearly four months of freedom before being swarmed at the gym. Investigators believe he was hiding in the area for quite some time.

“This was a result of Fugitive Task Forces in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, diligently working together to capture a dangerous escapee,” Robert Clark, a U.S. Marshals Deputy stated. “The Marshals Service is unequivocally the best in the business at finding people who do not wish to be found, and this arrest reinforces that fact.”

Isaiah was charged with flight to avoid apprehension and escape, as well as additional charges relating to his escape. Furthermore, he will be charged with theft of a vehicle.

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