Angel Reese Reacts To Alyssa Thomas’ Flagrant Foul

Angel Reese reacted to Alyssa Thomas’s flagrant foul during a rebound, which resulted in her ejection from the game.

ESPN reports the Chicago Sky player told reporters, “They don’t give a damn if I’m a rookie.”

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Reese Reacts to Alyssa’s Flagrant Foul

Reese and Thomas were gunning for a rebound when the Connecticut Sun lifted her arm and made contact with Angel’s neck. This caused the Chi Barbie to fall hard on the hardwood.

This is Alyssa’s first flagrant foul, but her eight flagrant overall. She is currently tied for the second most in WNBA history.

Reese shared her thoughts about the incident during the press conference after the game. The No. 7 pick in the WNBA draft said she knew “…it was going to be a tough game,” however, Reese stated, “that’s what I’m built for.” Additionally, she commended her teammates for their effort on the court.

After a reporter asked her if she thought Alyssa was attempting to send a message from a vet to a newbie, Angel responded, It’s not just because I’m a rookie. I’m a player. And I’m a basketball player.” She added, “They don’t give a damn if I’m a rookie.”

The LSU grad said, “…I want them to come at me every day.” She continued, “They’re not supposed to be nice to me. I hope y’all know that. They’re not supposed to be nice to me or lay down because I’m Angel Reese or because I’m a rookie.”

Reese Thanked Alyssa For Applying Pressure

Angel then expressed her gratitude to Thomas for her aggression. “…thank you, AT, for sending the message to me because I got back up, and I kept going and kept pushing.” Additionally, she shared that she has “been cool” with Alyssa “since [they] were at Maryland.”

“…so I know it’s no hard feelings, and I appreciate her for going at me today,” she explained.

During a pre-game interview, Reese expressed that she admires Alyssa. The forward says her adoration remains the same after the flagrant foul.

The Connecticut Sun ultimately beat the Chicago Sky. Reese scored 13 points and five rebounds.


Check out Reese’s reaction to Thomas coming for her neck:

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