Ashanti Tells Nelly She’s Pregnant (Video)

Ashanti is sharing more precious motherhood moments after sharing a video of her playfully telling Nelly she’s pregnant.

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Ashanti Shares Playfully Pregnancy Video With Nelly

On Monday, May 6, Ashanti took to Instagram to share a video with fans. In the clip, she appeared to be on FaceTime with Nelly.

“Babe! You in the booth?” she asked. “We pregnant!”

The clip ultimately cuts to Ashanti holding up a Proov fertility stick and laughing.

“I already knew,” Nelly replies.

Check out the cute clip of the couple below.

Additionally, Ashanti captioned the clip: “Part 2! 6 hours earlier 😁❤️🙏🏽”

The video appears to be a continuation of the clip the singer previously used to announce her pregnancy to the world, per The Shade Room.

Check it out below.


More Details Regarding The Couple’s Reported Co-Ownership In Proov

The clip shared on Ashanti’s Instagram concluded with a brief text promoting the Proov fertility company. According to the brand’s official website, the company specializes in at-home fertility tests to provide support for monitoring hormones, tracking ovulation, and determining pregnancy.

Forbes reports that the couple’s co-ownership of the brand was revealed amid their pregnancy announcement.

According to Essence, the company’s CEO and founder shed more light on Proov amid the couple’s revelation.

“We are the only FDA-cleared and CE-marked at-home test to determine if there is a problem with ovulation,” Dr. Amy Beckley explained. “…if a woman is not ovulating properly, she can have symptoms of hormone imbalance that can affect every aspect of her life. We are the first to give women insights into their hormones completely at home, no blood test or waiting for a lab to analyze their samples.”

Ashanti and Nelly have yet to open up further about their co-ownership in the brand. However, fans can possibly expect to see more video promotion from the couple as their business with the brand continues.

A Brief Recap Of Events Since The Singer’s Recent MAJOR Announcements

As The Shade Room previously reported, Ashanti revealed her pregnancy on April 17. However, that and her and Nelly’s partnership with Proov wasn’t the only thing revealed on that date.

At the time, Ashanti also revealed that Nelly popped the big question — and she said yes — while speaking with Essence.

“This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope, and anticipation,” she told the outlet. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fianceé, and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience.”

Since then, the singer hasn’t been shy about showing off her growing baby bump.

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