Aubrey O’Day Reacts To Federal Raid On Diddy’s Homes

Aubrey O’Day, a former member of the girl group Danity Kane, has shared her reaction to the federal raid on Diddy‘s homes.

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Here’s What Aubrey O’Day Said

As The Shade Room previously reported, the federal raid occurred on Diddy’s residences on Monday, March 25. That same day, O’Day took to her Instagram Story to share her thoughts on the matter. To note, O’Day and Danity Kane were previously signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, per the group’s official YouTube Music account.

In her first post, O’Day shared a screenshot of a tweet from TMZ reporting on the initial raid. O’Day added:

“What you sow, you shall reap. I pray this emboldens all of US victims to finally speak on what we have endured.”

In another post, O’Day shared a video of Tupac dancing in the ‘I Get Around’ music video with additional text.

“There is no ‘too soon’ on this one, just ‘too late.’”

In later posts, the singer stated that she’s “been telling” the world about Diddy for “two decades.”

“…and did anyone listen? No,” she added.

From there, O’Day shared multiple clips from her time on MTV’s early 2000s TV series ‘Making The Band,’ where Diddy served as a judge. In the first clip, he repeatedly tells O’Day she is a “problem child” in Danity Kane.

In later clips, O’Day reiterated a strong message.

“You can say a lot of things about me.. but I have ALWAYS KEPT IT 100 for decades.”

Here’s What The Singer Previously Alleged About Diddy

According to Vulture, O’Day was removed from Danity Kane in 2008. However, she returned to the group in 2013. In December 2022, the singer alleged that Diddy removed her from the group because she wasn’t willing to do what was “expected of her.”

O’Day reportedly explained that this wasn’t “talent-wise” but in “other areas.”

Then, in September 2023, O’Day alleged that Diddy requested her to sign an NDA, per PEOPLE. O’Day alleged Diddy desired the agreement so she couldn’t speak disparagingly of him. To note, the music mogul’s request reportedly arrived amid him reassigning publishing rights to particular Bad Boy artists, per The Shade Room.

“So what’s happening is, artists — some of them, not all of them — are being given streaming royalties and ownership back over our publishing on songs that we wrote at a time when you know that you have to stream a song a million times to make a cent. It’s hundreds of dollars,” O’Day explained, per PEOPLE. “And me, as somebody that’s a girl’s girl, I hit everyone in my group and said, ‘Absolutely do not take this deal. I can get us a show on Hulu right now.’”

According to PEOPLE, O’Day wanted to secure the group a documentary deal with Hulu so they could speak on their alleged experiences with Bad Boy and the entertainment industry.

Social Media Continues To Share Reactions To The Latest Updates Regarding The Music Mogul

Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have shared their reactions to O’Day’s latest remarks on Diddy.

Additionally, social media reactions continue to roll in on the situation surrounding the media mogul at large, as chronicled by The Shade Room.

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