Aww! See Tamar Braxton & Jeremy Robinson Get Engaged Again

Jeremy Robinson is leaving no room for misinterpretaiton of his relationship with Tamar Braxton. Robinson dropped on one knee on Christmas and asked Tamar to be his wife again!

Their re-engagement comes after the couple split in October. Robinson had initially proposed in March. He proposed for the second time while they wore matching pajamas near a decorated Christmas tree.

The proposal began with Tamar unwrapping a small, velvet blue box. She popped the box open with a shocked expression at the glistening, oval-cut diamond ring. After Jeremy slid the ring on her finger while on one knee, Braxton bent down to kiss him. When he stood up, they happily embraced!

Swipe below to see the moment and a close-up of the ring.

What Tamar Braxton Said After Jeremy Robinson Proposed Again

In her re-cap caption, Tamar Braxton explained how indifferent she and Jeremy Robinson are to critiques about their relationship. She tagged Robinson in the post, saying she loves him “with [her] entire heart.”

She wrote:

“3 months ago, we thought we HATED each other, and we were completely OVER🫠…. Here we are after a simple football game box you got for your birthday and one REAL HARD conversation … we knew that whatever happened in the past was just that, and ANYTHING other than US and our family only mattered. So the truth is WE DONT CARE if anyone disagrees with it … we choose to love each other OUTLOUD and PROUD because we found something worth fighting for and forgiving each other for every day in front and behind the scenes. @rarebreednola I love you with my entire heart, and from now on, our troubles are miles away…. I’m having myself a Merry little Christmas now.” 

After The Shade Room reposted a video of the moment on Instagram, Tamar slid into the comment section.

“What if I told y’all I was really, really happy,” she wrote.

Their second engagement comes after weeks of online shade between Tamar Braxton and Tommie Lee. After splitting from Braxton in October, Jeremy Robinson had a lil’ sports outing with Lee.

Days later, Tamar and Jeremy had seemingly reconciled. However, Tommie shared words for Tamar after the singer apparently shaded Tommie while confirming the rekindled romance.

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At that point, Jeremy joined the online back-and-forth. He seemingly took accountability for his part in fueling the negative energy between Tommie and Tamar. Most recently, Tamar addressed Tommie’s suggestion that she struggled to sell tour tickets.

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