Baby Abandoned at Walmart After Failed Shoplifting Attempt

During an audacious shoplifting attempt at a Walmart store, a three-month-old baby girl was reportedly abandoned by three people.

The New York Post reports that security approached one woman and two men over “suspected shoplifting” in Philadelphia on Thursday (January 19), where the incident occurred.

Baby Abandoned At Walmart

In a presumed state of panic, all three suspects fled the store, and shockingly left the young toddler behind. Paramedics immediately took the girl, whose identity has not been disclosed, to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital. Police have since confirmed that her condition was “good.”

Meanwhile, preliminary investigations reveal that cops contacted one of the child’s parents, but they don’t believe that the parent had any involvement in the theft. Per The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Police Department has not filed any charges over the incident as of yet, with the investigation remaining ongoing.

They also had reason to believe that some of the suspects who ran out of the store didn’t have a direct link to the attempted shoplifting.

Walmart Sued For $100 Million In Another Incident

This incident comes just one week after a man had reportedly sued the retail giant for $100 million in damages or unlimited shopping for a lifetime. Roderick Jackson filed two separate handwritten complaints, claiming its store employees in Omaha, Nebraska were suspicious of his behavior. Jackson claims that the store’s security personnel unjustly targeted him in March 2021, suspecting him of shoplifting.

Despite insisting that he didn’t steal anything, he describes undergoing a degrading search process and they subsequently arrested him.

His second complaint against the corporation this month also alleges racial profiling and false accusations. This time, Jackson’s demands got even bolder.

He asked for either $100 million in damages or a lifetime of free shopping at any Walmart store.

In addition, he demanded that Walmart cover all of his court fees. Unsurprisingly, Walmart has refuted Jackson’s allegations. “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” a Walmart spokesperson stated, per Complex. They added that Jackson’s recent allegations almost mirrored his previously dismissed lawsuit. Once properly served, the retail giant prepares to defend itself in court and intends to request the court to dismiss any claims that lack merit.

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