Baltimore Athletic Director Frames Principal With AI Recording

A Baltimore athletic director was arrested on Thursday (Apr. 25) after allegedly framing the principal at Pikesville High School.

According to ABC News, the man distributed a fake recording of the institution’s leader using racial slurs that caused him to lose his job temporarily.

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The Principal Faced Extreme Backlash

A three-month investigation conducted by local police and the FBI revealed that Dazhon Darien used artificial intelligence to fake the recording. Investigators stated the tape had “profound percussions” on the administrator.

Before this discovery, Principal Eric Eisworth was forced to step down from his position. Furthermore, his safety was in jeopardy. The recording went viral, and he faced threats from the community.

The charging document stated it“triggered a wave of hate-filled messages on social media and numerous calls to the school.”

What Did The Fake Recording Say?

In the recording, the phony voice of Eiswork made racist remarks about Black and Jewish people. Additionally, the AI insulted the intelligence of the Black students at the school. The recording referred to them as “n******” who couldn’t “test their way out of a paper bag.”

The AI of Eisworth’s voice also criticized teachers for not properly educating students. Additionally, he said he was “gonna drag” a staff member’s “black a** out of here one way or another.”

On Jan. 16, the recording quickly circulated among staff and on social media.

What Was The Athletic Director’s Alleged Motive?

The principal pointed them in the direction of 31-year-old Darien. According to the charging document, Eisworth stated that the high school sports director was good with technology. Additionally, he noted that Dazhon had a motive. Principal Eric was having him investigated for potentially stealing money from the school.

The Baltimore Chief of Police Robert McCollough stated the athletic director “…made the recording to retaliate against the principal” because Eisworth was investigating him for the “mishandling of school funds.”

Check out the false recording below:

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