Bambi Accuses Scrappy Of Violating Divorce W/ “Significant Other”

Bambi has reportedly accused her ex-husband, Scrappy, of violating the terms of their divorce agreement.

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Here’s What Bambi Accused Scrappy Of Doing

According to RadarOnline, Bambi is taking Scrappy back to court. The mother of three is accusing the rapper of allowing his “significant other” to post photos of their children on social media.

“…Intimate partners are restricted from posting any content including the minor children on any social media platforms,” Bambi’s filing reads, per the outlet. “Since the Final Judgment and Decree was entered, Respondent has allowed a significant to post the minor children on her social media page… Respondent was able to do what this Court ordered. Respondent’s refusal to do so is willful.”

RadarOnline reports that Scrappy has “recently rekindled his romance with ex, Erica Dixon.”

The outlet adds that because of this, Bambi is also requesting the terms of her and Scrappy’s custody deal be renegotiated. The outlet reports that Bambi and Scrappy agreed on joint custody of their three kids in June 2023. Additionally, Scrappy was reportedly ordered to pay $4,800 in child support.

However, in her recent filing, Bambi is reportedly alleging that there’s been a “material change in circumstances.” The mother reportedly noted that she and Scrappy’s two youngest children will soon begin attending private school with their oldest child.

According to the outlet, Scrappy has yet to respond to Bambi’s filing.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their mixed reactions to Bambi’s recent allegations.

Instagram user @ashley.brionne wrote,It’s about respect. If she don’t agree with it, he’s wrong”

While Instagram user @keishglam1 added, I feel Bambi on this! Because Scrap would be Big Country Mad if Bam’s man or boyfriend posted the kids on social media! Especially if he agreed in WRITING that neither of us would do that. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Instagram user @virgeaux_824 wrote,Keep us out yall biznyee”

While Instagram user @therealeazyeconomicz added,If it’s in the AGREEMENT then by LAW you are obligated to abide by that”

Instagram user @ms.sagitterrorist444 wrote, If she talking about Erica girl let it gooooooooo, you dragged her on national tv and was still around Emani”

While Instagram user @amiilovesya added, How would yall feel if ur exes new boo posted your kids without permission?”

Instagram user @kingali wrote, Thats his children just as much they are hers 🤷🏽‍♂️ Pettiness”

The Former Couple Recently Linked Up Amid Scrappy’s Viral Dating Speculation

Bambi’s recent filing arrives amid her and Scrappy apparently spending more time around one another. Earlier this week, Scrappy took to Instagram to share a video of their kids’ Easter celebration. Bambi was also featured in the clip.

Then, the pair also linked up for an outing at the park with their children in March, per The Shade Room. After the outing, Scrappy took to social media to share a message seemingly about his and Bambi’s efforts to co-parent amicably.

“I can’t say all that crazy stuff and negative truth without dropping yall some of this positive truth, even tho we be at each others lil necks we come step up and be there together for our babies and that’s just it,” he wrote at the time.

To note, Bambi’s allegations against Scrappy also arrive as he’s been more frequently spotted with Erica Dixon. In January, the pair kicked off the year at a club, per The Shade Room.

Then, the pair went viral in February after sharing footage from their vacation to Aruba.

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