Best & Worst Cities To Find Love

When it comes to love, apparently, for Black women, location matters.

The Atlanta Black Star shares government stats and a popular content creator’s list of cities with men who are walking red flags. It’s no surprise that ATL tops the list.

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The outlet reports that a recent U.S. Census Bureau analysis revealed across the U.S., “the ratio of unmarried Black/African American men to Black/African-American women is 79.8.”

The Best Areas For Melanated Women To Date

However, the odds increase in places like Alaska, where the ratio of unmarried Black men to women is 179.7.

We know y’all aren’t trying to freeze your eyelashes off, but there are more unwed men than women in states like Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

The Cities Black Women Should Reportedly Avoid

Black women should be aware that there are more unmarried women than men in Alabama, the DMV, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, Delaware is the worst state, with a ratio of 71.0.

In the TikTok video, ‘Red Flags Academy,’ by lifestyle creator Nnenna B, she breaks down which cities melanated women should avoid if they’re looking for Mr. Right.

One viewer categorized the list as being “painfully accurate” and “truly a hard pill to swallow.”

Nnenna ranks Atlanta as the worst area because you are likely to run into a man who is on the DL. She urged viewers to steer clear of the city.

The creator comically stated, “If you don’t have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, or you didn’t grow up learning the WWE Smackdown, please don’t come here because not only will you be fighting the women for the man, you will also be fighting men, too.”

Los Angeles, NYC, Chi-Town, and Houston followed The A.

Regarding Houston, Nnenna quipped that men likely won’t be faithful. However, that won’t stop them from popping the question.

“Although the men will cheat on you left, right, up, down, northwest, southeast, and running around the roly-poly, at least you will get the ring,” she joked. 

Although the influencer’s reasoning for avoiding dating in each city was comical, most commenters agreed with her assessment, adding that Dallas, Memphis, Miami, and Toronto are terrible dating territories.


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Any major city with fairly good weather seems to be filled with men toting their red flags. Maybe Black women must consider the cold and country life to find love.

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