Bishop T.D. Jakes Gets Emotional While Addressing Diddy Rumors

Bishop T.D. Jakes became visibly emotional as he spoke about accusations made about him on social media. A rumor about his alleged ties to Diddy arguably made him the longest-running trending topic on X this past week.

People quickly took to social media to discuss the accusations about Jakes and Diddy, given the recent sexual assault lawsuits involving the Bad Boy Records founder.

T.D. Jakes Shuts Down The Rumors

On Saturday (December 24), however, the 66-year-old decided to clear his name while streaming his church service on YouTube. During Jakes’ sermon, he didn’t let the rumor die out on its own. Instead, he felt inclined to speak his truth and assert that the accusations were untrue.

“I didn’t come to convince you or nobody, because I know who I am,” he said. “That is not what this is about, you can think about whatever you want to think. I came to do my job, I came to prothesis as I was commanded. I came to hear the master say, ‘Well done,’” Jakes continued as his voice began to tremble, clearly overcome with emotion. Church-goers clapped in approval as he tried to regain his composure.

In another clip from the service, Jakes stated that he expected people would tune in just to hear him address some of the things said about him this week.

“I will not use this sacred day at this sacred pool pit to address a lie when I have a chance to preach the truth,” he said.

Earlier this week, Jakes had issued a strongly worded statement denouncing allegations that sought to link him with the ‘Last Night’ rapper.

T.D. Jakes Became A Trending Topic All Week

Other social platforms, including TikTok, have rapidly added steam to the explosive suggestions from its content creators, despite these suggestions being labeled as “unequivocally false and baseless.”

“Recent claims circulating on pockets of social media about Bishop T.D. Jakes are unequivocally false and baseless,” Jordan A. Hora, an exec at the T.D. Jakes Group told The Christan Post.

“What has always been true, in the words of the late Pastor Charles H. Spurgeon, ‘If you want the truth to go round the world, you must hire an express train to pull it, but if you want a lie to go round the world it will fly; it is as light as a feather, and a breath will carry it.’”

His categorical denial is an attempt to put an end to the memes and discussions.

In his statement, Hora emphasized Jakes’ dedication to his religious mission and responsibilities, underscoring that the rumors had no basis in reality.

The unfounded connections being made between the bishop and Diddy left Hora disappointed. He contended that such allegations affront his reputation and the integrity of his religious calling.

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