Blueface Accrues $1M Interest In $13M Shooting Settlement

Blueface is facing a hefty financial tab following his failure to pay a settlement linked to a strip club shooting.

The rapper reportedly owes an additional $1.3 million in interest due to his non-compliance with the settlement agreement, per TMZ.

Blueface Now Owes Over $14 Million In His Strip Club Settlement Case

As previously reported, the case dates back to a notorious incident at the Euphoric Gentlemsan’s Club in Las Vegas in October 2022.

Allegations suggested that Blueface had some sort of dispute with a man who had just exited the establishment and was heading to his truck.

The victim reportedly made a “bad joke” towards the LA native before the alleged altercation occurred.

It’s believed that the two parties didn’t know each other before crossing paths in the parkway. But the remark allegedly angered Blueface enough to reach for his gun and fire multiple rounds at the vehicle as the victim sped off.

The consequences of that night have been far-reaching, both legally and financially, for the artist.

SG Enterprise, the owner and manager of the club, held Blueface accountable for the incident and pursued legal action against him.

The lawsuit they filed stated that the company’s loss of license forced them to shut down the club, leading to a significant revenue loss.

Blueface’s Legal Issues

The settlement was reached to compensate for the earnings of the club’s shutdown cost. In addition, Blueface was obliged to make a lease damage payment of $198,000 for the venue, per TMZ.

The judgment also required Blueface to satisfy payroll expenses of $84,000 after the club’s shutdown.

In October, a judge ordered Blueface to three years probation and to pay $13,072,482 to SG Enterprise as part of a plea deal.

Reports now indicate that the father of three has not been keeping up with his payments.

The interest has been piling up since the ruling, with Blueface now expected to pay a colossal $14,386,164.23.

However, it doesn’t appear that Blueface has been financially concerned about the money he owes SRG.

Just last month, he bought his child’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, a four-story house in Los Angeles. The gesture seemed to be a gift to celebrate the success of her song, ‘Barbie.’

The track’s popularity propelled her to land a record deal with Columbia Records, Blueface and Alexis said in an IG post on October 24.

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