Blueface Dad & Chrisean Rock Share Update After Court Visit

Blueface’s father, Johnathan Porter, and Chrisean Rock have shared an update on the rapper after visiting him at a court appearance.

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More Details On Blueface Court Appearance & What Chrisean Rock Revealed

According to AllHipHop, Blueface recently appeared in court on Thursday, May 2. At the time, photos of the rapper subsequently surfaced on social media, per My Mixtapez.

According to the outlet, Chrisean Rock was also at the rapper’s hearing. On May 3, Instagram user @livebitez shared footage of the mother of one speaking about her time there while on Instagram Live.

“I stood in the back with the baby, but it’s crazy ’cause when I first went to court, that’s what I did the last time,” she explained. “And the judge she let me do it, she [was like] ‘Oh, no, she can stand up.’ So this time, it was like a full circle [moment]. I could tell that she noticed my son got bigger…”

Rock explained that the judge allowed her to give Chrisean Jr. to Blueface so the rapper could hold him during the hearing.

“And he was just holding the baby, and I was just, like, holding him,” she continued. ” I didn’t know if I should kiss him or what… I was just, like, crying for real ’cause I was just like, ‘Oh my God.’”

The mother of one went on to explain that Blueface “got all chunky,” “his beard is filling in,” and his hair is “dreading up.” A friend present during Rock’s live added that Blueface was “shocked” but “happy” to see his family.

At that point, Rock began to get emotional.

Check out the clip below.


Johnathan Porter Sr. Shares An Update On His Son

Chrisean Rock and Chrisean Jr. apparently weren’t the only ones present at Blueface’s court hearing. His father took to Instagram on Wednesday, May 3, to share a photo of his son in the courtroom.

Additionally, Porter added a few words, updating fans about his son’s condition.

“Saw my son today feeling blessed🙏🏾. He is looking & feeling good y’all. He will be back stronger than ever.”

Here’s What Blueface’s Family Has Recently Been Up To Amid His Time In Jail

Although Blueface remains behind bars, Rock and his father appear to be building a supportive relationship. AllHipHop reports that Rock participated in her first pro league football game on Saturday, May 4.

The outlet notes that Rock played for The Cali War team as a running back.

Porter was present to show his support.

Additionally, Rock even took to Instagram after the game to share a few words about her latest accomplishment.

“Yesterday was a blessed Day it was my first actual pro league Game And my little brother committed yesterday to his D1 college and our families is doing well🙏🏽😭 Jesus is Lord thankful!!!!” she wrote.

Check out Chrisean’s recap video for the football game below.

According to the mother’s Instagram, her next pro football game will be on May 18 in Denver, Colorado.

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