Bobbi Althoff Addresses Rumored Feud With Drake

Bobbi Althoff has finally addressed the ongoing feuding rumors between her and Drake.

Fans have been speculating for months whether something happened behind the scenes after Bobbi took down her podcast episode with Drizzy.

Bobbi Althoff Addresses Rumored Feud With Drake

Althoff’s interview with Drake marked a significant turning point in her career.

The full-length YouTube video, released in August, had gained so much attention on social media that it became Bobbi’s most-watched video in a matter of weeks.

But in the midst of the hype and attention, her team suddenly pulled the interview from her official YouTube channel with no explanation.

Not to mention that both Bobbi and Drake stopped following each other on social media soon after, per PEOPLE.

Understandably, people online were confused and hoping for some answers.

But during a recent appearance on the ‘Baby, This Is Keke Palmer’ podcast, Bobbi dispelled rumors of having any issues between the Hip Hop chart-topper.

In fact, she claims to still be in contact with him pretty frequently despite no longer following one another on social media.

Keke wanted the tea, oh-kay! She followed up, asking why she thought Drake hit the unfollow button on her page. “I guess we’ll never know,” she said.

When quizzed on the last time she had spoken to him, Bobbi replied, “A couple weeks ago, maybe a month ago?”

Bobbi Praises Drake For Changing Her Life

Despite what may (or may not) have transpired between them, the podcaster describes Drake as a “very nice person.”

She went on to praise him and comedian Funny Marco, crediting them for bringing a significant change in her life.

“Him and Funny Marco. Both of them definitely changed my whole entire life.”

Asked if there had ever been some sort of tension between her and the former ‘Degrassi’ star, Althoff responded with a definitive “No.”

When Bobbi’s interview with Drake was first pulled, some speculated whether there were copyright issues that forced the video to be taken down, per HotNewHipHop.

During one part of their chat, Drake played Tyga’s ‘Rack City’ song on his phone. If Bobbi hadn’t obtained clearance for the song from the rights holder, people believe she could have faced a hefty lawsuit.

But that begs the question of why she didn’t just re-upload the interview to YouTube without the song. Interestingly enough, the ‘NOPE’ actress never asked Bobbi about it, either.

Whatever the case, though, the 26-year-old says there’s no drama between her and Drake. And she’s doing just fine without the viral episode on her channel.

Since interviewing the ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ rapper, she’s had countless celebrities on her podcast, including Jason Derulo, Shaquille O’Neal, and Offset.

And, let’s face it, if there were some drama between them, we would’ve heard it in a song by now, no?

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