Bobbi Althoff Pops Out In Compton With YG (VIDEO)

Social media is sharing reactions after Bobbi Althoff popped out in Compton, California, alongside YG.

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Bobbi Althoff Heads To Compton With YG

On Saturday, June 22, a post was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by user @MastersOfTheUG. In addition to a video, the post also featured a photo of Althoff posing alongside a man dressed in all black. Althoff appeared to be at a park.

In the video, onlookers appeared to surround Althoff as she strolled along at the location.

“Bobbi in Bompton with the members,” the person recording the footage said.

As the clip continued, the camera briefly showed YG walking ahead of Bobbi.

“Ayo, y’all gon’ scare her away…” the person said as a crowd continued to follow Althoff.

Check out the clip below.

It remains unclear what prompted the comedian’s link-up with rapper YG. However, HotNewHipHop reports that the pair could have been on the set of Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming music video for ‘Not Like Us.’ Reports recently surfaced that Lamar had plans to shoot the video in Compton this weekend, per TMZ.

Social Media Shares Reactions

Social media users reacted to the clip of Althoff and YG in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @trinidadrell wrote,Bobbi when she gets home: ‘Dear Diary, Mr.YG took me to his hood today & I think they like me. I met this nice girl named B Murdah she held my arm the WHOLE time. They all wore red & kept telling me to say ‘What’s Bracking’ not sure what that’s about’”

While Instagram user @ni3cey__boudoir added, Why are they treating that girl like the family pet?😂😂😂😂 he said y’all gonna scare her off..”

Instagram user @imcolumbo wrote, Bobby looks like she’s at the cookout she didnt want to go to 😂”

While Instagram user @4itsrox added, “‘Why yall got Bobbi out here?’ Lol. We wondering why as well sis. 🤔”

Instagram user @itslexmariee wrote,Bobbi smart… she knew not to say that 🤣🤣”

While Instagram user @onlynishaa__ added, She knew better, smile bright like a diamond or it’s lights out😂😂😂”

Instagram user @kikikittydoll wrote, Ha! Don’t try this in her hood tho. They have the whole SWAT team deployed.”

While Instagram user @dominiquechinn added, Bobbi be outside everywhere”

Instagram user @trendy_chef wrote, Is she officially apart of the black community? 😂 the culture has taken little Bobbie away from her beautiful family sheesh 😂”

While Instagram user @carciolo_unknownanimal added,This the Black version of ‘Get Out.’”

Instagram user @ash_chraee wrote, Take her home.”

The Comedian Recently Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Althoff made headlines earlier this year. In April, the comedian appeared alongside Ari Fletcher for an episode of her podcast, ‘The Really Good Podcast.’

At the time, Fletcher gave Althoff a well-needed cooking session and put her on to the purpose of cooking seasoning.

Shortly after, the pair went viral after Althoff popped out alongside Fletcher at a club in Miami.

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