Bobby Lytes Defends Trina Over Beyoncé Female Rap Remark

Trust and believe that Bobby Lytes will always be quick to defend his cousin, Trina.

The ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ star went on Instagram Live on Thursday (December 28) amid the criticism Trina is receiving for declaring Beyoncé the “No. 1 female rapper.”

Bobby Lytes Defends Trina

Taking to Instagram Live, the TV personality explained that Trina has always been a huge fan of Bey. But her decision not to mention any career female rappers may have ironically been to avoid getting backlash from certain fan groups.

“She did that to just– for this same reason,” he said in part. “Her saying Beyoncé was a light-hearted answer. But it was also for her to stay true to what she likes and who inspires her. Boom! Case closed.”

He then proceeded by saying that Trina was entitled to her own opinion and that she didn’t need to “kiss nobody’s a**” to give her honest take on female rap.

Lytes acknowledged that a particular fanbase had been extra critical of Trina’s remark, though he wouldn’t share who he was specifically referring to.

Trina Doubles Down On Naming Beyoncé Best Rapper

As previously reported, Trina recently interviewed with HipHopDX. At one point, the “Here We Go” artist shared who she thinks influenced female rap in a way that ultimately opened the doors for other women to shine.

“Yeah, Beyonce,” Trina said without hesitation. “She’s like the number one female rapper when she does rap…when you hear her do a song and its rapping involved, it’s like ‘Oh My God,’ it’s more inspiration.”

Many people contested the comment because the music industry as a whole doesn’t regard Bey as a rapper. Not to mention, several female rappers have made their mark in hip-hop these past few years, arguably helping pave the way for up-and-coming female artists in the past few years.

Still, Trina doubled down on naming Bey. After the video clip of her interview went viral, it wasn’t long before Trina hopped onto Instagram Story to issue a response.

“For the dusty crusty funky bi***es in the bacccckkk. Beyonce is the queen of rap (when she raps) and ALL other genres of music.  Now stay mad goofys I said what I said and NANN b***h gone check me.”


And her clapbacks didn’t end there. On Thursday, a resurfaced clip of Trina performing Nicki Minaj‘s song ‘Moment For Life’ at the 2013 BMI Awards made its rounds on X. Some people felt she could’ve shown Minaj some love in her interview, considering she had performed her song a decade prior.

When The Jasmine Brand later reposted the video on their Instagram page, Trina hopped in the comment section to stress — once again — that she had a right to her own opinion.

“Yes! Came thru and slayed it. See that’s the thing I don’t have any problems with NOBODY,” she wrote. “Im probably the only female artist that always show love to all the female artist. No jealousy. No insecurities over here. I’m actually ya favorite fave … FAVE. Don’t let that go over ya head. (Jokes up).”

She then followed up with another comment.

“What’s the REAL problem? My choice. My opinion of who I said the queen is. The f**k y’all think this is. A f***n colt. Now pls leave me alone. I hate coming on here talking to y’all. Bye”

See her comment section clapbacks here.

Social Media Continues To React

Trina became a trending topic on X, formerly known as Twitter, with people sharing their own thoughts on Trina’s response.

@Yonceforever4 tweeted.

“The way Trina said Beyonce is the queen of rap and now everyone is shaking and getting mad proves that Beyonce is literally the music industry oh Beyonce you will always be famous.”

The user @itsKARY_ wrote:

“Trina had the opportunity to name legends who pioneered female rap, and instead of listing them (or even referencing herself as one of the pioneers), she named………..Beyoncé.”

But it wasn’t all harsh criticism, as some people were quick to defend her, saying she was simply showing love to an artist she clearly admires enough to consider her favorite rapper.

And given how much love Trina has shown Beyoncé over the years, it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising.

@MrJeromeTrammel tweeted:

“Trina consistently shown love, paid homage to & worked with so many female rappers. She loves Beyonce – THAT’S HER IDOL – she was just giving Beyonce her flowers!”

“Y’all claim Trina is old, washed & irrelevant but her interview got y’all huffing and puffing & doing think pieces!

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