Boosie Explains Why He’s Not Weighing In On Katt Williams

Boosie is opening up about his relationship with Katt Williams and why he won’t be weighing in on the comedian’s viral interview. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams spoke exclusively with Shannon Sharpe in an interview published via YouTube five days ago.

During the conversation, Williams took shots at a handful of fellow comedians and celebrities. He accused Kevin Hart of being an industry plant and Ludacris of being in the Illuminati, as some examples.

To date, the pair’s almost three-hour-long discussion has pulled in over 34 million views.

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Boosie Shares His Thoughts On Katt Williams

According to HotNewHipHop, the rapper recently took to Instagram Live and commented on Williams’ viral sitdown. The 41-year-old told viewers he has nothing to say about “the Katt Williams situation.”

“I don’t know nothing ’bout that,” he explained. “I know that he a real n***a to me.”

Boosie explained that, in one instance, after he was released from jail, he “came home… and had nothing.”

“The man invited me to his concert — I mean front-row seats,” he continued. “When I was leaving, he gave me $15,000…”

The rapper shared that, at the time, many celebrities screamed “Free Boosie,” wanting him to be released from jail. However, after he came home, their support didn’t continue.

However, the rapper had a different experience with Katt Williams.

“That man gave me $15,000 — I didn’t even know him, bro,” he told viewers.

Boosie explained that Williams’ gesture came “from the heart,” and he’ll “never forget that.”

Watch his sentiments below.

The Rapper Previously Opened Up About The Comedian’s Generosity

Boosie initially opened up about his interaction with Williams during an interview with DJ Vlad. The first portion of the rapper’s sitdown with Vlad was released via YouTube on December 15, 2023.

Then, on January 7, the platform published a clip of Boosie sharing his recollection of his interaction with Williams.

“Whenever I see him, I’m gonna give him whatever’s in my pocket,” the rapper told Vlad.

Boosie also detailed the exchange.

“I was getting in my car… damn near pulling off, and he ran up with a rubber band [wrapped around] a towel,” he explained while acting out a throwing motion. “And ran back into the arena… He didn’t give me a chance to say thank you… My boy handed it back to me, and it was all hundreds, man. Fifteen thousand, bro; I had been home nine days.”

The rapper explained that Boosie’s generosity came at a time when he had lost “everything” and was starting from scratch.

Check out the rapper’s explanation below.

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