Bowling W/ Mystery Man (WATCH)

Keke Wyatt has social media talkin’ after poppin’ out with a mystery man for a recent night out.

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More Details On Keke Wyatt’s Outing With The Mystery Man

On Wednesday, June 12, The Shade Room obtained a video of Wyatt from fellow media platform FreddyO. In the clip, Wyatt is seen rocking a black top and leather pants at a bowling alley.

Wyatt takes a shot down the lane, only hitting one pin, and as she walks back, a man in a red shirt briefly caresses her lower back.

As the singer prepares to take another shot, the mystery man appears to share a few tips with her. Before throwing the second ball down the aisle, Wyat turns back to the mystery man and says something inaudible.

A woman, who appears to be taping the moment, adds, “Yeah, she needs some help.”

From there, the mystery man places his hands on Wyatt’s hips and helps guide her shot.

Check out the moment below.

The mystery man’s identity remains unclear at this time. However, the screen above Wyatt’s game appears to note the names: “ANT, KE, JAZZ, and BRAN.”

Keke Wyatt Shares More Footage As Social Media Reacts

Around the same time The Shade Room posted the video of Wyatt, the singer also took to Instagram to share her own clip of her night out. In this clip, Wyatt continued to show off her bowling efforts. However, she only included a very brief look at the mystery man.

Additionally, Wyatt didn’t share much context about her night in the caption of her clip.

“Out learning how to bowl!!!🤓🤓🤓,” she wrote.

Social media users reacted to Wyatt’s clip in the comment section of her video.

Instagram user @li_li__777 wrote, “Why cut the man out this video? We’ve already seen him 😂”

While Instagram user @theforeverflyy1 added, “But where is yo husband???”

Instagram user @lakendrarenah916 wrote, “Harpo who dis man 🥴🧐”

Additionally, reactions poured in in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_honeysdream wrote, She’s proof that those kids ain’t stopping NOTHING!🤣”

While Instagram user @saniyyahsamaa added, Thee one & ONLY Mrs. Keke ‘Keep a man’ Wyatt… baby!!! KNOW HER!!! 😩🙌🏽”

Instagram user @keiairaunique_ wrote,….when did she get a divorce ? 🤨”

While Instagram user @chriswilliamsii added, Ladies. This proves it doesn’t matter how many kids you have even if its 20 someone is still going to want you lol”

Instagram user @fuel4thebody wrote,keke wyatt is married to Zackariah Darring still according to google, so idk who this mystery man is….”

Here’s What The Singer Has Recently Been Up To

As The Shade Room previously reported, Wyatt has recently been known to have married Zackariah Darring. The pair share three children, including one named Ke’Zyah Jean, whom they welcomed in May 2022.

The state of Wyatt and Darring’s union remains unclear at this time. Additionally, it appears that the singer last posted Darring on her social media in August 2022.

Before Darring, Wyatt was married to her first husband, Rahmat Morton, with whom she had four children. Then, she married Michael Jamar Ford, with whom she also had four children. In total, Wyatt has 11 children.

For now, social media users may have to remain patient before Wyatt potentially opens up about her relationship status. In addition to being a mother of almost a dozen, Wyatt recently opened her own church in February, per The Shade Room.

Additionally, it appears that the singer is now gearing up for the release of her next album, ‘Certified,’ on June 28.

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