Caitlin Clark Roasts Michael Che For Jokes About Women’s Sports

Caitlin Clark threw some jokes at comedian Michael Che for “making a lot of jokes about” women’s athletics.

US Weekly reports the 22-year-old appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit with Che on April 13.

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Caitlin Clark Appears On ‘SNL’

Caitlin made her cameo after Che joked, “The Univeristy of Iowa announced that Caitlin Clark will have her jersey retired and replaced with an apron.”

The crowd subsequently booed him. The 40-year-old added, “Oh, well the WNBA Draft is this Monday, and Iowa star Caitlin Clark is expected to be the No. 1 pick.”

“Here to comment is Caitlin Clark,” Che said before the camera panned to the NCAA All-Time leading scorer.

“Thanks for having me,” the guard said before addressing Michael’s sexist joke. “Really Michael? Because I heard that little apron joke you did….You make a lot of jokes about women’s sports, don’t you, Michael?”

Che chose not to stand on what he said. However, his cohost Colin Jost provided video evidence of each time Mike threw a shot at women’s athletics.

The Basketball Star Gets Some Jokes In On Michael Che

Wow, Colin with the receipts! Thanks, man,” Caitlin said. “Obviously, I can’t tell jokes like you do, but I did write some jokes. It would mean a lot to me if you read some, just right over there on the cards.”

Che began to read from the teleprompter reluctantly.

“The Indiana Fever has the first pick in this Monday’s WNBA Draft. A reminder that Indiana Fever is a WNBA team and not what Michael Che gave to dozens of women at Purdue University,” he said.

Clark instructed him to read the next joke.

“Netflix’s top new show is Ripley, featuring an eery unsettling performance by actor Andrew Scott,” Michael read.

He continued, “Critics say it’s the hardest thing to watch on Netflix since Michael Che’s special ‘Shame the Devil.’”

Michael continued with the following joke, highlighting Clark’s basketball achievement.

“And I have three pointers for Michael Che. One: Be. Two: Funnier. And Three: Dumbass,” the comic said.

After the comedian ended the roast session on himself, he wished Caitlin well in her future endeavors.

“Good luck in the WNBA. I hope you have a great first season,” Michael said.

Caitlin gave Che a signed apron as a souvenir, making the stand-up comedian and audience laugh.

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