Calling Romance W/ Hunxho “Fake”

Keyshia Cole is sharing words for Scrappy after the rapper made comments about her romance with Hunxho being fake.

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Scrappy Speaks On Keyshia Cole & Hunxho’s Romance As She Reacts

On Friday, April 26, the ‘BagFuel’ podcast released a clip from an interview with Scrappy and fellow rapper Khaotic via YouTube. In the five-minute clip, the hosts discussed Druski and Rubi Rose’s alleged romance and speculated whether it is “real or fake.”

As the group weighed in with their opinions, Scrappy mentioned another couple.

“So that’s Keyshia Cole and Hunxho?” he said. “Right?”

Khoatic went on to speculate that Cole “probably did pay Hunxho” in exchange for them to behave like a couple publicly. However, Scrappy disagreed and shared more of his opinion.

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“No… the actual person don’t do it, the label do it,” he said. “And they actually did that with me back in the day. I had to walk around with this girl…”

Then, on Tuesday, April 30, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the handle @THEEMZBLUE, shared their reaction to Scrappy’s statement. Additionally, the user tagged Keyshia Cole’s X account. 

“You not a true @KeyshiaCole fan if you think she would be paid to have a relationship with anyone.. you couldn’t pay her to be fake. The blogs lying again…”

Cole apparently saw the user’s tweet and re-posted their thoughts with a few additional words aimed at Scrappy.

“And what hurts the most is SCRAPPY SAYING THAT S**T! Naw nicca u get paid to (Fake a relationship) like U SAID like what are they even talking about. Tryna get clicks. Hopefully this helps.”

Check out the clip of Scrappy’s thoughts and Cole’s initial response below.

After Cole responded to Scrappy’s words, another X user posed a question for her.

Why it hurt keyshia, how long homie was on love and hiphop bout a relationship no music involved….”

The singer responded by explaining that she and Scrappy’s mother knew one another and there had “always been love” between them.

“Cause my momma was cool wit his momma,” she wrote. “It’s always been love, but for him to allow such craziness.. is beyond me. People be weird”

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users shared mixed reactions to Scrappy’s words and Cole’s response in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_jaylolo wrote,I’m confused , y’all act like Keyshia not fine”

While Instagram user @chasslercapri added, The tea is that scrappy took money to fake a relationship 😂”

Instagram user @lilmeeks_ wrote,mama dee dry fenna enter the chat to protect her prince 😂😂😂😂”

While Instagram user @s.nashay added, scrappy mind your biznyee”

Instagram user @iam.officiial wrote, As many times as Keyshia been hurt we know she don’t be faking…”

While Instagram user @therealcamillap added,Why y’all care is the question? Men is just corny!”

Instagram user @lafaye77 wrote, Keyshia ain’t asked to be brought up..”

While Instagram user added, Scrappy shouldn’t be speaking on anyone’s relationship”

Zell Swag wrote, “Period friend.. never had to fake for love.. some of the craziest ish i heard”

At this time, Scrappy nor Khaotic have publicly reacted to Cole’s response to their conversation.

A Brief Recap Of The Singer’s New Romance

As The Shade Room previously reported, Cole was initially spotted at a club with Hunxho in early April.

On April 15, Cole took to X to publicly claim the rapper as hers.

In response, Hunxho sent a red heart emoji Cole’s way, seemingly a romance between them.

Since then, Cole has shared words for social media users criticizing her romance with the rapper, per The Shade Room.

Furthermore, the singer went viral after footage surfaced of her four-year-old son singing along to Hunxho’s music.

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