Cam Newton Altercation: Atlanta Authorities Share Update

Atlanta authorities have shared an update on criminal charges regarding Cam Newton‘s viral altercation. As The Shade Room previously reported, the incident occurred on Sunday, February 25, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Here’s What The Atlanta Authorities Revealed

On Wednesday, February 28, the Atlanta Police Department issued a news release regarding Sunday’s “Flag Football Tournament Scuffle.” The release explained that officers observed an “active fight” between a group of males at the “We Ball Sports” Flag Football Tournament.

“Officers immediately intervened and were able to separate the involved parties. Several of the involved parties fled from the area on foot after being separated. It was later discovered that among the involved persons were NFL quarterback Cam Newton and his flag football teammates,” the release stated.

The document reports that Newton nor any of the other “involved persons” who remained on the scene required medical attention. Additionally, none of the males in the group “wished to pursue criminal charges.”

“The responding officers completed an information only incident report to document what had occurred. At this time, it is unknown how or why the scuffle occurred,” the release concluded.

A Brief Recap Of The Initial Incident

As The Shade Room previously reported, footage of the scuffle at the football field quickly went viral after the incident. The footage appeared to show Newton fighting off multiple opponents while taking punches to the head.

The former NFL player was allegedly attacked from behind but ultimately appeared to hold his own against as many as six assailants.

Cam Newton’s Opponents Recently Spoke Out

As The Shade Room previously reported, Newton’s opponents brought themselves forward the day after the incident. TJ and Steph Brown, coaches for TopShelf Performance, explained that the altercation allegedly started due to Newton’s trash-talking.

“Just out of nowhere just talking crazy to us for no reason, and it’s like, it’s not nothing new… this is typical Cam Newton behavior,” TJ Brown explained while speaking on 105.3 The Beat, in footage shared on Monday, February 26.

According to Bleacher Report, Brown also recounted the cause of the incident while speaking with Fox News.

“Cam jumps out of his car and yells, ‘Hey, all that sorry s**t ain’t gonna work today. What we betting today? What we betting?’ I’m like, ‘I ain’t betting you, bro. I already beat you three, four times. You got to beat me first.’ He like, ‘What we betting? I got plenty of money. I ain’t ever running out of money.’ That’s when I told him, ‘That’s your problem. All you care about is money. You think money is everything. You can’t buy me.’ And I walk off,” from there, Brown alleged that Newton grabbed his brother Steph, leading to the fight to erupt.

According to TMZ, Cam Newton has yet to publicly comment on the incident.

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