Celebs Who Went BIG w/ Elf On The Shelf Pranks This Christmas

Celebrating winter holidays in the U.S. takes on many forms! But Elf on the Shelf pranks are a popular trend that shines every Christmas season.

As with previous holidays, the tradition brings out the creativity in parents who create scenarios that show the elf up to no good! This year, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and DJ Envy had their littles scratching their heads and pointing fingers at the Elf on the Shelf.

Keep scrolling to see who else joined the fun and who took it a step above the rest! 

Kim Kardashian: From The Shelf To The Tub 

Kimmy hardly misses a chance to wow her kids with their Elf on the Shelf jokey jokes! This year, to impress her mini-mes — North West, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — Kardashian stepped her elf’s game up.

In on prank video posted on social media, Kardashian’s naughty activity for her elves involved hot chocolate in a bathtub. Next to the tub, the “elves” left a mess of hot chocolate toppings, including white, green, and red sprinkles and peppermints.

How’d she do? See for yourself below.

This past week, Kimmy made headlines for another Christmas-related reason: her gift-wrapping. The reality TV star gave her social media followers a sneak peek at her reusable SKIMS wrapping for her family and friends presents.

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Elf On The Shelf With Khloé Kardashian

Kimmy wasn’t the only Kardashian sharing her Elf on the Shelf moments! Days before Christmas, she opened up about her set-ups for True and having her own family traditions.

Khloé said on Snapchat that she joined the Elf on the Shelf wave last year when her daughter was 4 and old enough to understand the “magic” behind the set-ups.

Khloé’s first prank of the season involved a GIANT snowman made of toilet paper! See the photos here.

DJ Envy & Ari Fletcher

In early December, DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, also joined the Elf on the Shelf wave. They shared clips of their elves posted throughout the house, and for an extra kiki, the spots included the toilet and shower. A caption on the video added, “Yup, we’re those parents.”

Meanwhile, Ari Fletcher also shared that her elf is “always watching,” including from the top of her photo frame in her dining room.

Swipe below to see more.

Other Elf On The Shelf Pranks

And celebrities weren’t the only ones doing it big for their kiddos. In the last few weeks, more than a few parents have shared their Elf on The Shelf tricks.

One prank involved toilet paper (and a whole lot of time) to write bathroom puns on the toilet paper. Another had an elf turn the sink water into a stream of rainbow sprinkles.

A photo of another prank shows two elves sitting on a bathtub ledge with bread in their hands. The little mischievous dolls had thrown a few pairs of Croc shoes in the tub. For a hilarious touch, there was a sign on the wall that read, “Do not feed the crocs.” 

Peep them here.

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