Celina Powell & Clay Gravesande To Mother’s Message

Celina Powell and Clay Gravesande have reacted after his mother, Margarita, shared a strong message following their recent videos together.

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Celina Powell Reacts After Clay Gravesande’s Mother Speaks Out

On Wednesday, May 15, Powell took to her Instagram Story to re-post a clip of herself sharing a message “for all the people” who don’t like her. Powell initially shared the clip earlier this week following her initial video with Gravesande going public.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to say, to all the people who don’t like me: Breathe in and breathe out,” she said in the clip. “‘Cause there’s nothing more you guys can do.”

Additionally, Powell wrote the word “Reminder” as the caption for her Instagram Story.

Then, shortly after, Powell posted another video on her Instagram Story, lip-synching to Tupac Shakur’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ where he says, “F**k you and your motherf*****g momma.”

Here’s What Margarita Gravesande Said & How Clay Reacted

Powell’s posts arrived hours after Margarita Gravesande took to her Instagram Story to share a message. Initially, Gravesande addressed folks who followed her on Instagram and sent her “inappropriate videos” — seemingly referring to the recently posted clips of her son and Powell.

Then, Gravesande went on to briefly speak about Powell.

“First, my #1 rule for folks following me on social media. Don’t send me any inappropriate videos…” she wrote. “Second, I didn’t know who CP was until everyone started sending me her youtube information [throwing up emoji] it’s very interesting that some men will lose everything thinking that the apple is good but its a forbidden choice (do better). The deceiver uses old tricks to attack and destroy.”

Additionally, the mother shared direct words for her son.

“Clayton Alexander, you know that Jesus will allow things to occur. He’s still trying to get your attention….” she wrote. “Please surrender to him.”

Ultimately, Gravesande concluded her message by sharing that she hopes the public can also “give the same attention to other things that matter.”

Read her entire message below.

Hours after his mother’s message, Gravesande took to his own Instagram Story to share a response: “Heard you mom… my apologies” he wrote, with a red heart emoji.

Here’s What’s Happened With Clay Gravesande & Celina Powell

As The Shade Room previously reported, Powell took her apparent romance with Gravesande public on Monday, May 13. At the time, she posted a video of her and Gravesande seemingly snuggling as Gravesande planted a kiss on her cheek.

Then, on Tuesday, Powell took to her TikTok to share two more videos with Gravesande. In an initial video, Powell playfully let Gravesande know that she needs a ring on her finger and a baby. Then, in a follow-up clip, the pair seemingly reacted to the backlash toward their apparent romance.

Swipe to watch the clips below.

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