Chad Ochocinco Gets Emotional About His Daughter Crossing AKA

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson became emotional while discussing his daughter, Chade’s, recent Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority probate.

The Jasmine Brand reports that the NFL vet chatted with Shannon Sharpe on an episode of their podcast, ‘Night Cap’, about the experience he labeled “electrifying.”

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The 46-year-old gushed about his daughter’s accomplishment and the incredible “energy” of the HBCU probate. This event showcased the new members joining a sorority or fraternity.

The former wide receiver traveled to Prairie View A&M to cheer on Chade as she presented herself alongside other AKA neophytes.

Chad Ochocinco Praises HBCUs

Chad first told Shannon he was “jealous of [him] a little bit” since he attended Savannah State, an HBCU. He stated,  “I ain’t never been in no atmosphere like that.”

That’s a big statement coming from a man who has played professional football in front of thousands of fans.

Johnson admitted, “…being inside that auditorium and watching the energy in that atmosphere. I ain’t never seen nothing like that.”

“That kind of energy, that kind of passion, that kind of love and support from all the sororities, all the fraternities…it felt like a family reunion,” he shared. 

Johnson had to choke back tears when he spoke of the moment his daughter appeared with her line sisters.

“The AKAs went last…they came out, it was like…you know how the audience go crazy and everybody stand up and go crazy when Michael Jackson come out on stage…and I seen my baby…” Ocho said.

“Oh sh** I’m bout to cry…” he continued. “When I seen my baby strutting and hitting that stroll…that was one of the greatest feelings.”

The former Cincinnati Bengal used a towel to dab his tears away. Johnson’s love for his daughter emanated from the screen. He stated the moment was also special because her mother is an AKA.

Chad then spoke directly to his daughter.

“That was live…Chade I know you probably watching, yo mama watching. I like that, you made your daddy proud, you made yo daddy cry tonight.”

Ochocinco went on to state how he left the stands and snuck on the floor to capture better footage of Chade. Such a sweet dad moment!

You can watch Johnson’s emotions flow below:

Congratulations Chade!

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