Charges Dropped Against Kai Cenat & Crew For Union Square Riot

Kai Cenat and his crew managed to skate chargers after a giveaway gone wrong in NYC, resulted in a riot at Union Square.

The New York Post reports, Kai Cenat and fellow streamers Denzel (Duke) Dennis and Din Muktar (Agent 00) paid $57,000 combined for the damages rioters caused.

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Charges Dismissed Against Streamers

The 22-year-old was facing two counts of inciting a riot and an additional account of unlawful assembly.

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg announced the charges would be dropped against the Twitch streamers on Tuesday (May 7). The content creator paid $55,000 of the $57,000 to Union Square Partnership, Inc. In addition to the payment for the damages and clean-up, a public apology had to be issued.

Kai’s Public Apology

“When I promoted a give-away PS 5s in Union Square Park it created an intentional dangerous situation due to the way I promoted and advertised it,” Kai posted to Snapchat.

The message continued, “The result was unsafe situation for the people who live and work in the neighborhood, first responders, and my followers that attended the event.”

Furthermore, Cenat showed remorse for the damage caused. He said, “I apologize for the disruption and damage to the community, park, the vehicles, and the storefront area.”

The DA said the charges will be dismissed after the post has been live for 24 hours.

Kai added, “It was never my intent for it to get out of hand.”

Chaos At The PS5 Giveaway

During the incident, Kai was arrested and 65 people were detained. Thirty of the individuals were juveniles.

The riot occurred last summer on Aug. 2, 2020, after Kai announced that he would be giving away PS5 consoles in the park. He did not have a permit for the impromptu event. A sea of his young supporters quickly covered the area. The event subsequently became violent and destructive. Fans fought, threw rocks and fireworks at each other and damaged cars. Additionally, they harmed law enforcement and passer-byers.

The streamer said that he learned “a very valuable lesson.”

The Spiderman fan now truly realizes that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

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