Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Compare SZA To Mary J. Blige

Social media users are weighing in after Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy likened SZA to Mary J. Blige.

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Here’s What Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Said

During a recent episode of Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Charlamagne posed a question for Envy.

“Do we appreciate SZA as an artist the way we should?” he said.

Envy replied, “Yes,” before adding, “Absolutely.”

However, Charlamagne was not satisfied.

“Do we really?” he said. “I mean, she gets all the radio play and all of that — I feel she can get more awards, which I’m sure she will. You know, the Grammys are next month, so she’ll get those accolades, but do we really appreciate the once in a generational talent she is?”

It was then that Envy’s response changed.

The radio host replied, “No.” Then, he explained that “we appreciate her music — ’cause like you said, her songs play all the time — but her, and what she does, and how she performs, and the songs that she writes — no.”

Charlamagne added that SZA holds an “air of mystery around her” because she doesn’t do a lot of press and interviews. Instead, she gives fans the music and “does things the right way.”

DJ Envy agreed and then explained he feels the public doesn’t respect SZA as the “star that she is.” Ultimately, he said that SZA “is this generation’s Mary [J. Blige].”

Charlamagne agreed by also likening SZA to Mary, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

“She’s one of those,” he explained.

Watch the pair’s sentiments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in on the pair’s conversation. Many appeared to disagree with the hosts and maintained that SZA is unique in her own way.

Instagram user @liv_freeely wrote.

“Stop comparing artist. SZA is SZA and Mary is Mary.”

While Instagram user @itsbootyfulme added.

“She’s great. She can be this generations SZA ✨”

Instagram user @tonybaker remarked.

“SZA is a unique artist. Her & Mary aint nowhere near the same type. What is facts tho? SZA is a dope songwriter and she one of the hottest music artists in the game. Them numbers is numbering. Her ‘CTRL’ is still placed high on the Billboard chart and that came out in 2017. So that equals timeless. And ‘SOS’ been smackin records up. But im sure some of yal gon pull up and tear a black girl dahn cause you not a fan for whatever reason. But for this generation of R&B, SZA is gettin buckets.”

While Instagram user @indeskribeabull added.

“With all due respect, MARY is this generation’s Mary. SZA can just be the best SZA, because her sound is so unique. She’s one of a kind!”

Instagram user @itsrishaaj wrote.

“Love Sza but there is no Mary of our generation and that’s perfectly fine. 🫶🏾”

The Radio Hosts Have Recently Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy have recently been making headlines with their on-air conversations. Earlier this month, the pair expressed confusion about whether they were getting a new third co-host on the show.

“You know what I’m so confused by? We spent all last year rotating guest co-hosts, and I thought we were rotating guest co-hosts before we let God decide who’s supposed to be in here,” Charlamagne explained. “Now, it’s 2024 — do we just say, ‘F-it, there’s not going to be another co-host?’”

At the time, Charlamagne added that he didn’t know what was happening.

A few weeks prior, rotating guest host Jess Hilarious announced that she had secured a permanent position on the show.

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However, when asked about Jess Hilarious’ announcement during a one-on-one with a TMZ reporter, Charlamagne maintained that he didn’t know any details about the comedian’s alleged job offer.

Additionally, the radio host explained that he would like to know what’s going on with the show’s selection process, just like everyone else.

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