Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Confused Over New Co-Host

Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy are opening up about their search for a third ‘Breakfast Club’ co-host. As The Shade Room previously reported, the show’s former third co-host, Angela Yee, announced her departure from the radio show in August 2022.

Yee officially made her exit from the program in December of that year.

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Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy Share Confusion Over Getting A New Co-Host

On Wednesday, January 10, ‘The Breakfast Club’ uploaded a portion of their ‘Rumor Report’ segment on YouTube. About two and a half minutes into the clip, Charlamagne opened up about a topic he was “so confused by.”

“You know what I’m so confused by? We spent all last year rotating guest co-hosts, and I thought we were rotating guest co-hosts before we let God decide who’s supposed to be in here,” he explained. “Now, it’s 2024 — do we just say, ‘F-it, there’s not going to be another co-host?’”

Charlamagne and Envy then joked that they “can’t take” talking to just each other.

Envy explained that their search for a new co-host was only supposed to be a “couple of months.” However, Charlamagne disagreed.

“No, it was never supposed to be a couple of months,” he said. “…I said it’s gon’ take at least a year… Angela Yee, I’ve always said, is irreplaceable. So the person coming here is not replacing someone — if there’s somebody coming here. That’s my whole point of having this conversation. What the hell happened?”

Charlamage explained that he doesn’t know what’s happening, “if anything” is happening.

“I just don’t know what the hell’s going on. I’m not even joking with y’all,” he continued.

Watch his sentiments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Charlamagne and Envy’s conversation. As The Shade Room previously reported, in December 2023, comedian Jess Hilarious announced she was the show’s new official co-host.

Instagram user @rob_kazi wrote.

While Instagram user @wowreallyraven added.

“Wait. So Jess’ news wasn’t real?”

Instagram user @just__sayingtho wrote.

Wait so Jess isn’t the permanent host? or have envy and Charla not heard ?or did Jess announce prematurely?

While Instagram user @brwn_gyrl added.

Sooo Jess celebrated a lil too soon? Whats happening here

Instagram user @shantoria__ wrote.

2024 is messy already and we’re only 2 weeks in😂 Cause what happened to Jess being the official cohost.

While Instagram user @ash_chraee added.

“A note to us all – don’t announce anything until the ink is dry and the start date is documented. I hope Jess will be the new host still! It sounds like someone behind the scenes dragging out the process.”

More Details On Jess Hilarious’ ‘Breakfast Club’ Announcement

As The Shade Room previously reported, the comedian announced the new position at what appeared to be a black-tie event in December.

In footage shared via X, formerly known as Twitter, Hilarious took the stage to share that things were “official” at ‘The Breakfast Club.’

Watch her announcement below.

At this time, Jess Hilarious has not responded to Charlamagne and Envy’s recent comments.

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