Chicago Singer Accused Of Stealing Money For Fake Vacations

Elliot Henderson, a popular singer from Chicago, is facing backlash after allegedly scamming several people out of their coins. The singer reportedly operated a travel business that offered “half-priced hotel rooms, flights, Broadway tickets, and more.”

However, after clients utilized Henderson’s business for travel, they found themselves “stranded” and kicked out of hotel rooms while the singer’s company was accused of non-payment.

Did Henderson run off with their money? Or is it all just a misunderstanding?

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is getting to the bottom of things on ‘TSR Investigates.’

Here’s What Chicago Singer Elliot Henderson Allegedly Did To One Baltimore Woman

According to Carter, Christina C., one victim of Henderson’s alleged scam, says she was put on to his services by a family member. Additionally, Christina explained that Henderson just had a way of “spitting game” to make his services sound appealing.

In January 2022, Christina utilized Henderson’s services for a trip from Baltimore, Maryland, to Atlanta, Georgia. She purchased travel passes from Henderson, which, Carter says, were “bundled airline tickets to anywhere she wanted to go within value.”

“I believe he said it was $1250, and it could be broken down into payments,” Christina told Carter. “So I initially gave him a payment of $500.”

Henderson told Christina he had connections with the corporate office at a major airline.

The singer was successfully able to book her flight to Atlanta. Additionally, he even offered her a discounted stay at a Hilton Hotel.

The Baltimore Woman Found Herself Stranded

However, when Christina landed in Atlanta, her travel plans hit a major hiccup. Henderson allegedly told Christina that her return flight “would need to be approved by corporate.”

As he stalled on sending her the confirmation number for her return flight, Christina also discovered something else.

“I fly out, get to the hotel, and then they tell me the room isn’t paid for,” Christina told Carter. “They tell me the credit that was used to place the hotel on hold was not charged for the amount.”

According to Carter, there was no hotel reservation. In addition, Christina was left “roomless” in Atlanta.

Scroll above to watch how Henderson’s alleged scheme against Christina unfolded and what several other clients have shared. Additionally, keep watching to see the consequences Henderson is now facing.

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