Chris Brown Shares Wild Story About An Unnamed Celebrity

There’s not much you can sneak past the internet these days. If you’re someone with fame or status, trust and believe receipts will be pulled. This was tried and true when Chris Brown stopped by Tank’s ‘R&B Money’ podcast. Breezy has had a very eventful month of April.  He found himself in a rap feud with Quavo and spilled a little SWEETtea that had the internet in an uproar. 

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Even with the latest developments, seems like Breezy isn’t done. During his interview with Tank & J. Valentine, Chris talked about all the things! How he was discovered, his musical evolution, fatherhood and his very successful catalog. But what had the internet gagged was when he got to the juiciest segment where the podcast guest had to tell a story about another celebrity, without naming names. 

Chris Brown Details His Interesting Encounter With The Unnamed Artist 

Without hesitation Breezy recounts a story about hitting the club with two artists. Long story short, it ended with no women in their section and a public “rant” that left Chris speechless. Watch Breezy detail what allegedly went down in NSFW video, below: 


Now, obviously Chris did exactly what the segment calls for, he didn’t name any names. However, that didn’t stop the internet from making it do what it do! Less than 24-hours after the podcast went live, a video of Kanye West at 1Oak has surfaced.

Now, just like Chris, we ain’t saying no names either! However, Fan’s couldn’t help but speculate if Kanye was the “huge artist” that Chris was talking about.

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More social media users took to X, to sound off about the speculation.

WELP! Now that y’all have seen the alleged evidence, do y’all agree Roommates?

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