Circulating Video Shows Physical Altercation

A recent video involving Cam Newton has gone viral on social media. It shows a heated exchange between the former athlete and a group of guys at an Atlanta 7 v 7 football tournament.

The match had turned into a rumble, and not the kind you’d expect on the field.

Video Apparently Shows Cam Newton In Physical Altercation

According to TMZ, the encounter reportedly occurred on Sunday (February 25). It allegedly took place at the Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy, which runs a 7v7 league that organizes nationwide tournaments.

The publication reports that Newton’s foundation, C1G, organized the event.

The tournament primarily involved 18-and-under teams, with players gearing up to demonstrate their skills and get noticed by recruiters from colleges and universities.

Little did the attendees know that they were about to witness more action off the field than on it.

Videos widely shared on platforms such as X reveal an argument between Newton and a group of young players.

As shown in one of the online clips, the disagreement seemed to have escalated rapidly. The former New England Patriots quarterback is seen handling a group of guys with quite formidable strength. Meanwhile, he also took multiple punches to the head.

In another video, one guy attacks Newton from behind while he simultaneously fights off another opponent. And at one point, it seemed as if people were coming at Cam from left to right, with about six people throwing their paws on him.

But he wasn’t shaken, nor was his hat, which remained firmly on his head as he fought back. Another video of the fight shows a couple of guys shoving Cam into a fence before the group moves into an area covered by trees.

According to the New York Post, the men in question were reportedly from another participating team, the TopShelf Performance (TSP), a national program that trains youth and NFL players.

Here’s How Things Reportedly Deescalated

Eventually, help reportedly arrived with a police officer stepping in, separating the crowd and moving people away from the brawl.

It appeared as if the 34-year-old’s defensive skills came in handy because taking on that many people in a fight is courageous, oh-kay!

Newton has yet to respond to the situation publicly.

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