City Girls Over? Yung Miami And JT Continue To Push Solo Music

Let’s be clear: The City Girls have pushed solo music and pushed each other’s buttons in the public eye. But Yung Miami and JT have YET to clarify what their obvious investments in their solo careers mean for the group.

Is the City Girls era a wrap? A dead end? A closed, successful chapter in female rap history?

Keep reading to see why fans seem to think so.

JT Has A Solo Album OTW

Jatavia has been clearing the way for her solo project for a hot lil’ minute! On Friday (April 26), she released her single ‘Okay.’ The track marks her third solo release, not including her running list of solo features with Nicki Minaj and Summer Walker, to name a few.

Catch a preview of the new track below.

She first teased ‘Okay’ on April 16, about a week after she and Yung Miami tussled online for a few hours before eventually expressing mutual “love.”

Their verbal disagreement temporarily gripped X (formerly Twitter) and the female rap fans. Even Plies weighed in as the once-besties threw jabs, called each other names, and launched accusations of jealousy and dissing.

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Jatavia pre-warned folks last October that the heavy solo marketing you see now was coming! She spoke to Interview Magazine at the time about releasing her first solo project, now known as the ‘City Cinderella.” She’s even given her individualized fan base the nickname “Juvies.” And they’re popping out, selling out venues in the rapper’s first solo tour, which started in March and ends in May.

Earlier this week, she shared a view at one of her crowded shows. Her caption said, “Bet on yourself! Thank you GOD! The beginning of greatness.” 

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Yung Miami Says She Wants To “Gag” Folks With Her New Music

Meanwhile, Yung Miami made a hard pivot from slamming fans for calling her Caresha, to branding it. She’s released playful, raunchy singles like ‘Rap Freaks’ and ’50/50 Freestyle.’

She had a stint as a podcaster on ‘Caresha Please.’ And she’s even tapped into her marketing bag, selling card games and solo merch while launching her new ‘YAMS’ era. A reality TV show is also reportedly in the works.

Ahead of JT’s ‘Okay’ release, she spoke about her own musical ambitions.

“I can’t wait for y’all to hear my intro!!! Cause stop f**king playing with me! TF,” Miami wrote on X.

When a fan asked for a snippet, she declined, writing, “No, I wanna gagg y’all.” 

Most recently, she released the song ‘CFWM,’ inspiring a social media challenge of fans showing off their natural and makeup BEAT face cards!

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