Congress Explores A Bill To Ban Or Force Its Sale

A House committee advanced a bill that could nationally ban TikTok from American devices. Lawmakers claim this bipartisan effort addresses natural security concerns.

The legislation would prevent TikTok from appearing in US app stores, CNN reports. However, if the app detaches from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, it can remain active.

170 million TikTok users can be affected.

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Behind The Bill

If enacted, ByteDance will have 165 days (about 5 months) to sell the popular app. Furthermore, if they don’t comply, it will be illegal for any app stores to allow downloads.

Additionally, the potential legislation lists similar prohibitions for other applications “controlled by foreign adversary companies.”

It’s the most aggressive legislation Congress has presented.

TikTok Fights Back

TikTok CEO Shou Chew testified before the government body last year, stating the app was not a threat.

Moreover, ByteDance is not taking this attack lying down. The company is pushing back against the bill by attempting to mobilize its user base.

The company has warned its users via a pop-up notification that this bill “strips 170 million Americans of their Constitutional right to free expression.”

“This will damage millions of businesses, destroy the livelihoods of countless creators across the country, and deny artists an audience,” the notification read.

Social Media Reacts

@__prisca_ wrote, “They mad Tik Tok tell us things they don’t.”

@msamberali agreed, “TikTok educates us on things they try to sensor, I’ve learned os many things from TIkTok they want control of what we see/know/learn that’s all this is about.”

However, some users believe this is a trivial pursuit.

“It’s more serious s**t happening & they’re worried abt a damn app,” @itsrachelsimone stated.

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