Cops Search For Suspects In Racial Attack On Delivery Driver

An Amazon delivery driver went viral after two Caucasian women at a Texas apartment complex branded her a “thief” while she was on duty. Now, the driver is telling her side of the encounter.

On Dec. 16, Amazon employee JaMaiya Miller — a Black woman –attempted to deliver packages to residents at the Belle Meade at River Oaks in Houston.

One of the package’s delivery instructions specified that Miller should leave the box outside the apartment on the second floor. This meant she needed access to the building to deliver the item successfully. That’s when a woman, presumed a neighbor, opened the building door for her.

However, the unidentified person “started freaking out” and called for assistance once Miller tried to head to the second floor.

Second Woman Began Harassing Delivery Driver

Miller was then approached by a second woman, who went on to assault the driver physically. The elderly white woman also used several racial slurs before ripping the package out of Miller’s hand.

“We’ve had thieves here, and you’re a thief!” one person yells in the video.

Miller continued to endure the attacks, repeatedly asking the women to excuse her and not to touch her.

Following the incident, Miller shared the footage on her personal TikTok page. It has nearly 800,000 views as of Dec. 30.

“She even threw me up against a residents door, and eventually ripped the package I’m attempting to delivery out of my hand, all unprompted,” she captioned the post.

“I did not once hit or touch her back. As much as I wanted to, I knew she would weaponize anything I did to her against me.”

As the women continued to harass her, one threatened to call security. Miller encouraged the call for help, but the woman shot back that she was calling security for Miller — not to help her.

“I have never experienced such racist, Karen, behavior. It was so off the wall, but also completely on brand with how white women have historically weaponized their privilege. The best example of this in the video is when she claims I am hitting her, while literally hitting me. And it’s wild how I still felt like if I defended myself in that moment and hit her back, that I would face harsh consequences,” her caption added. 

JaMaiya Miller Says The Investigation Has Been A Slow Process

On Dec. 28, Miller updated her TikTok with a new video. She told her followers that although an investigation is underway, police have yet to identify the woman in question who physically assaulted her.

Despite filing a police report on the night of the incident, investigators allegedly took ten days to reach out.

“I wasn’t contacted by the investigators until yesterday, which was 10 days after the assault happened.”

Once they reached out, law enforcement officers allegedly questioned Miller about her Amazon employee number, including asking for a picture of her badge.

At the end of her video, Miller announced plans to take legal action and asked anyone who could provide legal advice to contact her.

Watch the update below.


#stitch with @red rose media UPDATE: I have not identified the Karen who assaulted me. The investigator reached out with no new information and lots of questions about my Amazon employment. I am still trying to find this lady. Thank yall so much for the outpuring of support it really means a lot. I will keep yall updated thank you so much

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