Cori Broadus Reveals How Much Weight She’s Lost Post-Stroke

Just weeks after suffering a stroke, Cori Broadus has revealed she’s lost 40lbs since her medical emergency.

Broadus hopped on to Instagram on Friday (February 9) as she flaunted her figure in a carousel post.

Cori Shares Her Weight Loss Since Her Stroke

The influencer posed in a two-piece bikini and white crop top, demonstrating her weight loss since her rush to the hospital.

Cori shared that to get her health back on track, her recent stroke led her to take drastic measures to improve her physical well-being.

“After my stroke I really wanted to get serious about my health,” she wrote in her caption. “So I joined @goodbyelupus 4 week rapid recovery program and I’m 40lbs down on my self care journey and I’m really enjoying it.”

She continued to open up about her milestone on her IG Story, where she went into more detail about her plans for a healthier life. The 24-year-old shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed.

Cori says she weighed 241lbs when she captured the pic taken on January 18. Her follow-up post, however, mentioned that she’s now down to 207 lbs.

She showed another photo of herself from 2023 with a side-by-side shot of her most recent photoshoot, appearing noticeably slimmer in the new pics.

Since her release from the hospital, Cori revealed that her current diet consists of raw food only and that she consumes a smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Her smoothie ingredients include raspberries, kale, mangos, pineapples, and flaxseed.

In addition to her diet, she also shared images of herself weighing her food, maintaining a daily food intake log, and her weight progression.

Cori Opens Up About Difficulties In Losing Weight

But Cori didn’t shy away from admitting that there have been challenges on her journey. Snoop Dogg’s daughter told her followers that there had been times when she felt she wanted to quit.

She confessed, “This s— has been so hard to where I be ready to give up every single day but I know in the end it’ll be worth it.”

In early January, the former E! reality star shocked fans by the news she had been taken to the hospital after suffering a stroke. In a heartfelt post, she asked why so many health issues had plagued her, considering she is just 24 years old.

By late January, Cori updated fans by revealing that her kidneys had shown drastic improvements. A few days later, Cori underwent a CT scan that came back “normal.” The hospital discharged her shortly after.

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