Cristina Mackey Explains Why She’s A “Pick-Me” (Video)

Cristina Mackey is sharing why she’s proud to be a “pick-me” woman when it comes to dating. As The Shade Room previously reported, Mackey and rapper Rick Ross publicly revealed their romance in December.

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“I’m A Pick Me,” Cristina Mackey Declares

Mackey recently took to Instagram Live in footage chronicled by Instagram user @livebitez. During the stream, the certified trainer instructed social media users to “keep referring” to her as a “pick-me” woman.

To note, the term “pick-me” is used to refer to women who “obsessively” desire “male approval and validation,” per

“Please keep calling me a pick-me — I’m asking you to refer to me as a pick-me,” she explained. “I prefer it.”

Mackey then went on to explain why.

“All you’re doing is manifesting that up with me,” she continued. “I want to get picked over and over and over … by the same man a million times. I want to marry that man. I want to have that man’s children, and I want to live a happy life because he keeps picking me, and I keep picking him.”

She then went on to comfortably declare that she is a “pick-me, for sure.”

Before concluding her sentiments, she added that she is a lover and “is here to be loved.” She declared that those referring to her as “pick-me” are not hurting her feelings.

“If I’m a pick-me, he’s a pick-me, and we getting chose together,” Mackey declared, referring to her rapper boyfriend.

Watch her full sentiments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Mackey’s stance.

Instagram user @keyissweet wrote.

“Is this the first guy she dated with some change?… I hope this ain’t your first real boyfriend sis. Rick Ross rotates bout every 6 months to 2 years even if y’all have a baby. Quiet down a little.”

While Instagram user @repotheworld added.

“Gang talking about marriage already?! wtf is in the pears over there?! 😮‍💨😂”

Instagram user @_unavailabletoy wrote.

“Okay, let’s send her back like we never found out about his new girlfriend, please. Who tf searched her up. It’s perfectly fine to just be IN the moment with whomever is your person at the time, but this is OD babygirl.”

While Instagram user @thedirtybagpodcast added.

“Tell you what, sis got some confidence on HER! I respect it…also, we know this song. Ain’t gone end well!”

A Brief Recap Of The Couple’s Romance

As The Shade Room previously reported, Mackey and Ross revealed their romance with a series of photos and videos in December.

At the time, fans reacted in shock and questioned what happened to the rapper’s speculated romance with comedian Pretty Vee. About a week later, the comedian weighed in with a humorous skit.

In the clip, Vee listened to B2K’s ‘Why’d You Leave Me On Christmas‘ as she ate WingStop, which has 30 locations owned by Ross, per AfroTech.

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Most recently, Mackey addressed social media’s concern for Ross’ previous relationship with Vee during an appearance on ‘The Cali Kick Back‘ podcast.

“It doesn’t make me feel any way at all,” Mackey explained. “I think it’s funny. It’s levels to everything, right? And that was never this… Where’s the pictures of them holding hands? And them holding hands? And them on the jet together? And them in Dubai and her on the billboard? Where’s that at? Where’s the flowers? Where’s all that?”

Mackey’s statements appeared to prompt the “pick-me” labels from social media users and a response from Pretty Vee.

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