Cristina Mackey Shares Advice For Anyone Trolling Her New Teeth 

One thing Rick Ross’ newly revealed girlfriend will do is address social media critics! In her latest clapback at trolls, Cristina Mackey defends the pearly whites her bae recently gifted her.

As previously reported, cosmetic dentist Mario Montoya first shared the now-circulating clip of Mackey and Ross admiring her new smile. While cheesing, Cristina bragged about loving her new teeth!

“They look girly, they’re small, they’re thin, they’re not wide — honestly, I love them,” she said in the reveal video.

 Peep Mackey’s new pearly whites below.

Cristina Mackey Sounds Off On Negative People

Taking to Instagram Story, Cristina made it clear she’s unbothered by the mixed reactions to her new smile. As she spoke, she gave a full view of the veneers.

“Oh, I love my teeth, I absolutely love my teeth,” she said with a laugh. “I told my baby I want my teeth done. He got it done the same day. But what I was gonna say was when you’re negative and you allow your fingers to type negative words and say negative things to people, you’re opening up a door for yourself to attract negativity to you. Even if you don’t recognize it right away, even if you don’t see something negative happen. Wishing on anybody’s downfall or just saying anything negative about anything…you’re opening up the door for people to be negative to you.” 

She encouraged viewers to be the “kind of person that puts out beautiful energy.” Cristina Mackey added that life is good for her right now, and she’s receiving internal and external love, despite what critics may say.

“When you have time to be negative, you have too much time on your hands, so let’s find a way to shake that sh*t off. And even if it was you and you were being negative, it’s okay to catch yourself and be like ‘I was lowkey hating, let me switch the flow…you’re allowed to grow and just enjoy your life. Nothing anybody does in their life should bother you if it’s not a direct effect of you.” 

Swipe below to see everything Cristina Mackey said.

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Ross and Cristina Mackey have been public for a little over a month after she shared photos of them near a private jet.

When exactly their romance began remains unclear. However, Cristina Mackey went viral several times in the first 30 days of being Instagram official with Ross. From bragging on her boo to clapping back at trolls, Mackey hasn’t held back yet!

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