DaBaby Was Sexually Assaulted By Fan At Gas Station

DaBaby recently posted a video of himself being sexually assaulted by an overzealous fan, allegedly.

The rapper shared the clip of a woman seemingly groping him in his Instagram Stories but seemed unfazed by the incident.

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The Alleged Sexual Assault Encounter

DaBaby — born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk — was parked at a gas station when a female fan approached him.

The woman stated she wanted to capture a photo of the moment. The rapper okay’d her request but hurried her as she fumbled with her phone, stating, “Yea, come on I got to ride, Auntie.”

The woman responded “you got me shaking” before leaning into the car to pose next to him for the photo. The fan expressed that she desired to have intercourse with DaBaby to which he replied, “Oh Lord.”

After she captured the photo, the woman appeared to touch the ‘Ball If I Want To’ rapper’s genital area before turning and leaving.

DaBaby said the woman, “Just sexually assaulted me! Boy, let’s go.” The ‘Suge’ rapper seems to be unbothered by the incident as he posted the clip on Saturday (April 7). He captioned the video, “Anything for you auntie” with a winking emoji.

Roommates React To The Alleged Assault

Comedian @lilduval wrote, “Praying for my brother. He didn’t deserve that.”

Roomie, @moniquesroom stated, “Even though he’s unfazed that wasn’t cool and he deserves the same respect as a woman should get.”

@jaaedadon quipped, “just imagine yo mama on the shade room for touching nuts.”

The ‘Point Em Out’ rapper said, “Don’t do Auntie dat, It’s all good, enjoy the moment baby.”

DaBaby’s Previous Alleged Incidents With Fans

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Da Baby has laid hands on fans in the past.

During an event in Tampa Florida, in 2020, a woman shined a light in his face. The viral video footage showed the ‘Bop’ rapper responding by allegedly hitting her.

He claimed, “Shawty hit me in my eye with her phone” and offered “$10,000 for whoever got a good angle.”

The rapper later threatened to sue, but had a change of heart and issued an apology.

Tyronesha Laws, the woman DaBaby allegedly assaulted, stated the person who shined the light in the rapper’s face was standing beside her but she was the one allegedly hit.

Laws received medical care after the incident and discovered she had a contusion to her cheekbone. Tyronesha said she didn’t feel like DaBaby’s apology was sincere because he appeared in a comedic skit that seemingly reenacted the encounter.

Let’s all remember our kindergarten teacher’s instruction: “Everyone, please keep your hands to yourself.”

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