Dak Prescott Sues Woman Who Demanded $100M Over Assault

Dak Prescott has filed a lawsuit against a woman allegedly attempting to extort him for $100 million.

According to The New York Post, Dallas police stated the same woman filed her own lawsuit against the Cowboys player one day later. Her lawsuit alleges Dak sexually assaulted her.

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Per NBC Sports, Dak — born Rayne Dakota Prescott — filed a lawsuit against Victoria Shores and her legal team in Collin County, Texas on Mar. 11.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback claims Shores previously attempted to get him to send her $100 million.

Two separate investigations are reportedly underway at the Dallas Police Department — one for the extortion claim and another for the sexual assault allegations.

What The Woman Says Happened With Dak Prescott

Prescott’s Mar. 11 court filing claimed that Shores and her legal team, Bethel and Yoel Zehaie, attempted to persuade Dak to pay the millions to keep the assault claim from hitting the headlines and reaching the police.

The letter sent to Dak was reportedly dated Jan. 16 and accused him of sexual assault, per NBC Sports. The letter stated that the assault happened on Feb. 2, 2017, following Dak’s rookie season with the Cowboys. Per KWTX, Shores says Dak Prescott invited her out with two of his “entourage” members and other women to a Plano establishment. Afterward, she says Dak allegedly exposed himself and “used physical force and sexually assaulted” her inside a black SUV.

The letter states that Shores was “willing to forego pursuing criminal charges, along with disclosing the information to the public, in exchange for compensating her for the mental anguish…” She valued the alleged damages at $100 million.

Prescott’s Lawsuit Docs Says THIS

In response to the letter’s allegations and financial demand, Dak Prescott filed the 11-page lawsuit in Collin County, Texas. He has denied the “heinous” allegations.

He’s accusing Shores and her lawyers of “defamation and slander, defamation per se, civil extortion/duress, business disparagement, tortious interference with current and/or prospective business relations, civil conspiracy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” per NBC Sports.

Furthermore, the NFLer’s lawsuit stated that he:

“…has great empathy for survivors of sexual assault and believes fervently that all perpetrators of such crimes should be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” per KWTX.

Moreover, the documents stated untruthful claims “undermine the courage of actual sexual assault survivors everywhere as well as the legitimacy of the horrific traumas they have endured.” 

He’s seeking more than $1 million in monetary relief. Dak Prescott reportedly plans to donate whatever is awarded to the Joyful Heart Foundation or another “like-minded organization” committed to helping sexual assault victims.

Dak’s Attorney Makes A Statement

In response to Dak’s lawsuit, Shores and her lawyers filed a lawsuit on Mar. 12. But Levi McCathern, the pro baller’s attorney, said the timing of Shores’ lawsuit is suspicious, per ESPN.

“Clearly they think that this will somehow mitigate their criminal responsibility for attempting this illegal shakedown,” McCathern stated. “It won’t, and it is a true disservice to the real survivors of sexual abuse. We look forward to working with all law enforcement in reaching a just conclsuion to this case.”

McCathern discussed Prescott being a girl dad and how the athlete is compassionate to those who have faced such traumas.

“Mr. Prescott — a new father to a baby girl — has great empathy for survivors of sexual assault,” Prescott’s attorney also said in a statement.

The Alleged Victims’ Attorney Speaks

Bethel Zehaie released a statement earlier in the week to CBS News Texas. Zehaie says that Prescott confirmed that he was with the alleged victim the night of the assault. Additionally, she stated Dak was trying to intimidate the alleged assault survivor.

“Dak needs to be held accountable for his behavior. We are not afraid of him or his legal team,” Zehaie declared.

The attorney is confident that her client is being honest and they will not back down until they receive justice, per KWTX.

We stand by the truth. Dak and his lawyers are trying to be bullies and play hardball and victim blame. We are not afraid of the truth. [The victim] has had to attend therapy and endure trauma because of the sexual assault … This young lady was in absolute tears in my office.” 

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