Dallas Bar Shutdown Following Claims Of Drugging Customers

The renowned Dallas nightlife hotspot, Harlowe MXM, has reportedly shuttered its doors in the wake of severe allegations of drugging.

Roomies, you’ll probably recall the story of Breyanna Knox and Nakia Robertson, who claimed their drinks were spiked during a girls’ night out at the establishment back in November.

But they weren’t the only ones who came forward. Multiple women have claimed to be victims of similar incidents at the club, sparking fear and outrage among the community.

In the latest episode of ‘TSR Investigates,’ however, Justin Carter reveals that the nightclub in question has officially closed.

Dallas Bar Accused Of Drugging Women

Harlowe MXM was a venture of Cindy and Jim Hughes, two Dallas restauranteurs known for establishments like Bread Winners Cafe & Bakery. which they sold back in 2022, per Dallas Morning News.

In the wake of several women claiming they had been drugged by staffers, the club officially closed on December 10.

In a statement made by Cindy via Dallas Observer, she addressed the decision, saying, “Our closure is based on several reasons, but mostly the issues all of [the neighborhood] Deep Ellum faces. Our plans for Harlowe are unclear as of right now.”

She further expressed that when she and Jim became aware of the initial incident, they notified their “outsourced security company” to perform an internal investigation.

Dallas detectives and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are also said to have received all footage from the evening in question.

Alleged Drugging At Dallas Nightclub

On November 26, Knox and Robertson decided on a little downtime.

The night of relaxation, however, took a dark turn when they started feeling unwell after having a couple of shots at the bar.

According to the women, while they were waiting to enter the club, a security guard asked them to show some “kindness” to the bartender.

The bartender then served them two shots. Knox and Robertson recall feeling disoriented and sick not long after consuming the drink.

Their memories of the night ended with standing in the parking lot alongside Robertson’s car, unable to locate the keys.

Robertson’s bout of vomiting and the absence of memory of how they ended up outside in the rain added to their distress.

The women woke up the following morning to a state of confusion and panic, trying to put together the pieces of their night.

Knox discovered text messages from an unknown number indicating that the sender was a member of the restaurant’s security staff.

He allegedly offered to call her an Uber to his “crib until we figure it out.”  Alarmed by the text, they hurried to undergo drug testing to detect any substances in their system. That’s when Knox tested positive for amphetamine.

Moving Forward

According to reports, Knox and Robertson have hired lawyers and are urging other victims to reach out to the Tucker Law Firm, per CBS News.

The longtime friends declared they were fighting to prevent their experiences from happening to anyone else in the neighborhood.

With Harlow XMX shutting its doors, one can only hope for a swift and just resolution to the ongoing investigation that appears to have affected the lives of not just two women but several others.

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