Dating App Score Is Setting A STRICT Requirement For Users

A new dating app is adding credit status to the list of concerns for new users hoping to register and find love. According to Fox 35 Orlando, the app is called Score and is intended “for people with good credit.”

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More Details About The New Dating App

According to the outlet, Score requires users to have a minimum credit score of 675 to join. The score is only used to qualify interested potential users. Additionally, credit scores won’t be publicly displayed on users’ profiles on the app.

“We need to take the conversation to areas where finance isn’t traditionally discussed,” Luke Bailey, the co-founder and CEO of the Black-owned Neon Money Club and creator of Score, told TechCrunch in a recent interview. “Before you can educate people, you need to get their attention. With Score, we’re bringing the conversation to dating.”

Bailey explained that there “needs to be more awareness about the doors that can be opened with a good credit history.”

Therefore, the Score app was created based on one particular premise.

“We decided to ask one question: ‘What should the minimum credit score be for someone you’re dating?” he stated. “That question later became Score.”

In addition, Score will be available for about 90 days, per TechCrunch. Those who apply to join the app will undergo a soft credit pull. This will not affect their credit score.

If approved to join, users have the potential to match with others who have a 675-850 credit score with a simple swipe. However, those who are denied will reportedly receive assistance on how to improve their scores.

Social Media Shares Reactions

Social media users shared their reactions to the new dating app on X, formerly known as Twitter. Additionally, some appeared excited about the app.

Meanwhile, others appeared less than enthused.

A Podcaster Recently Went Viral For Discussing Finances In Relation To Dating

Furthermore, finances and their impact on dating have seemed to become a recent popular discourse among social media users. Earlier this week, the ‘Pour Minds’ podcast went viral after a discussion on the topic.

A clip shared via The Shade Room showed a host explaining why she believes people with an annual salary of $50,000 should not date.

“You’re not ready to date,” she said in the clip. “You’re not ready to date because courtship costs.”

Additionally, the woman explained that frugal activities would not uphold a romance.

“So you don’t have any expendable cash, don’t date,” she stated.

Watch her full comments below.

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