Dave Chappelle Calls Out Katt Williams For Viral Comments

Dave Chappelle is letting his thoughts on Katt Williams‘ viral comments be known. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams sat down with Shannon Sharpe for a discussion that went live earlier this month.

During the conversation, Williams took shots at the careers of various celebrities and his fellow comedians.

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Here’s What Dave Chappelle Said About Katt Williams’ Viral Sitdown

According to Variety, Chappelle shared his thoughts on Williams while performing at “MonDERAYS.” Fellow comedian DeRay Davis hosted the event at the Hollywood Improv on Friday, January 19.

The outlet reports that Chappelle’s sets usually have a strict no-phone policy. However, footage has since surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter. In an initial clip, Chappelle reacts to Williams’ “ethering” Cedric The Entertainer.

“I love everybody, but I love Katt Williams more than a lot of people, and that n***a is wild! Alright, alright,  I’m at war with the Illuminati too, but what part of the war is ethering Cedric The Entertainer?

… Cedric that dude. He’s old. He’s fat. Leave this n***a alone — Steve Harvey doesn’t even do this anymore.”

During his set, Chappelle called out DeRay for saying that what Williams did was “good for comedy.” DeRay defended his stance by explaining that Williams “shined a lot of light” on the comedy world when things were starting to get “boring.”

However, Chappelle disagreed.

“You know why I disagree? It’s cause I put a special out the same day,” he replied.

The pair then began to joke that Chappelle put out an “album” while Williams put out a “mixtape.”

Watch Chappelle’s NSFW comments by clicking here.

More Details Regarding Dave Chappelle’s Sentiments

As Chappelle’s set continued, he pointed out more things about Williams’ viral statements.

“He only Ethered n****s. He didn’t say anything about any of these white boys. None of these white boys function like that, and Katt is one of the best painters in the game. So why is he drawing all ugly pictures of us? Stop!” he continued.

Chappelle explained that “hurt people hurt people.” However, he’s a “hurt person” who has “never hurt people.”

“And he does it all the time — ‘F**k this one and f**k that one,’” Chappelle said, impersonating Williams’ voice. “But he didn’t do nothing wrong? Katt didn’t do nothing wrong?”

The comedian seemed to imply that Williams didn’t talk about much besides what people allegedly did to him. He added that he’s been through a lot in his life — things would break people’s hearts — but he “never, ever, told on anybody.”

“And this n***a’s the arbiter of truth — listen, I f**k with Katt hard. But… what part of the game f**ks up another n****’s paper? What part of the game is about telling on another n***a?… I don’t disagree with Katt, he telling the real s**t… Yes, that is true. But why would you say that? Because all of us are [just] trying to be in a better situation,” he said.

Watch Chappelle’s NSFW comments here.

A Brief Recap Of Katt Williams’ Viral Interview Statements

As The Shade Room previously reported, Katt Williams’ viral interview with Shannon Sharpe went live on January 3. Since then, it has garnered over 53 million views.

During the appearance, Williams accused Cedric The Entertainer of stealing a joke of his and using it on the “Kings Of Comedy” tour in the ’90s.

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Additionally, Williams addressed fellow comedians Rickey Smily, Earthquake, and Faizon Love.

Furthermore, Williams also accused Kevin Hart of being an industry plant, took shots at Tiffany Haddish’s career, and accused Steve Harvey of stealing the concept for his 90s sitcom show, amid accusing Ludacris of being in the Illuminati.

Between all of that, Williams also called out his fellow Black male comedians for wearing dresses on the big screen.

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