DDG Opens Up About Plans To Propose To Halle Bailey (WATCH)

Artist and content creator DDG linked up with host Thembi for the latest episode of ‘Keep It 100!’ In the series, guests spill the tea while attempting to put together a fire ‘fit for less than $100. In this episode, DDG speaks on his plans to marry Halle Bailey, his friendship with Blueface, baby Halo, and so much more!

DDG Opens Up About His Plans To Propose To Halle Bailey

DDG gushed about his love for Bailey while appearing on ‘Keep It 100!’ The rapper says the actor is a “breath of fresh air” and even reminisced on their first date.

During the conversation, Thembi asked if the rapper had plans to pop the big question.

“Yeah, eventually,” he explained. “I feel like, you know, it’s something that’s gon’ happen. You know, the whole baby stuff is not planned, you know, so it’s just like, I kind of don’t want to plan that either — I mean, I gotta plan that. But you know, life just happened. But I feel like we just have to move at our own pace at this point.”

The Content Creator Speaks On His Relationship With Blueface

Elsewhere during the conversation, he also opened up about his friendship with Blueface. The two collaborated on his 2020 hit single, ‘Moonwalking In Calabasas.’

DDG explained that Blueface is “definitely” a good friend in the industry.

“Blueface — like this might sound, like, people might think I’m just talking — but he’s a great dude. Like, beyond the internet stuff, he’s a really great dude… I know he might look crazy online that the dude right there,” DDG said.

He went on to explain that Blueface is someone he can call at any time, and he knows he would pull up.

“He’s like a really helpful person. He’s very nice. I know his relationships crazy — I ain’t got nothin’ to speak on that, but other than that, he’s a really, really good dude, and that’s how I gravitated towards him,” DDG added.

Scroll above to watch DDG open up about finding out Bailey was pregnant, his thoughts on prenups, and much more!

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