DDG Reveals Halle Bailey Saw Him DM Rubi Rose Last Year

VladTV recently interviewed DDG, and clips from the sit-down are going viral. One trending video shows DDG admitting he messaged his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose last year during an argument with Halle Bailey.

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DDG Explains DM Situation With Rubi Rose

The streamer revealed that Halle was in his presence when he sent the message. He admitted his intention wasn’t to link with Rubi but to be “petty” during a “really, really, really rough patch” in his relationship.

“I did it in front of [Halle], I had no intentions of actually linking with Rubi. She seen it,” he said.

He further explained that they were in a “quick little argument” that went completely “left,” so he sent the message as getback. But he insisted that it was not an attempt at a sneaky link.

“I feel like the whole situation was taken out of context,” DDG said. “I feel like doing it in front of her is better than trying to sneak.” 

His intention was to “piss [Halle] off” after she pissed him off, and he claimed sending the message worked.

Watch what he said below, starting at the 1:20 mark. 

However, by the time Rubi Rose exposed the DMs, he and Halle were already on better terms. This is the first time fans of the couple are learning that Halle was in DDG’s presence when the DMs were sent in Feb. 2023.

A heated exchange between Rubi and DDG began when the ‘Big Mouth’ rapper accused her ex of letting Halle wear her clothes. She later clarified that she “likes Halle” but believes her ex-BF is a “weirdo.” Meanwhile, Bailey later denied the shirt belonged to Rubi.

But Rubi took the situation a step further by exposing DDG’s DMs to her—the same ones allegedly sent in front of Halle. After that, the ex-couple traded insults and accusations of being pressed about each other.

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About a week after the situation died down online, DDG reignited the fire by releasing the track ‘Way Too Petty.’ In his recent interview with VladTV, he admitted the song was about Rubi.

As for the rapper, she’s kept it cute regarding the couple since that incident. She’s been romantically linked to French Montana and a stylist in the last year. Earlier this year, she congratulated Halle and DDG on welcoming their son.

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Social Media Reacts While Halle Bailey Remains Unbothered

As mentioned, with clips of the VladTV interview going viral, folks online aren’t holding back their thoughts. Critiques about his and Halle’s relationship are all over the timeline, especially given that her pregnancy came just a few months later.

For context, Halle and DDG hid their pregnancy, shutting down rumors about it late last year. But in January, they revealed they had privately welcomed a son named Halo. In the last few months, they’ve both opened up about their decision to hide the pregnancy.

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Keep scrolling to see reactions to DDG speaking on the Rubi Rose incident over a year later. 

Meanwhile, Halle Bailey appears unbothered by the innanet hollering. Instead, on Monday, ‘The Little Mermaid’ star released new photos of her postpartum recovery. The photos follow her recent 24th birthday trip with her man and their son.

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