DDG Surprises Halle Bailey After Her NAACP Image Award Losses

IKDR, roommates! DDG made sure his lady Halle Bailey felt ALL the love after her losses at this weekend’s NAACP Image Awards.

For context, the singer-actress was nominated in three categories at the 2024 show. She lost to Usher for ‘Entertainer of the Year.’ She lost in the ‘Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture’ category to Fantasia Barrino for her performance in ‘The Color Purple.’ Lastly, Bailey lost the ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture’ win to Taraji P. Henson for her ‘Color Purple’ performance.

Here’s How DDG Made It Up To Halle Bailey

DDG revealed in a video that he was bothered by her losses, but more importantly, so was Halle Bailey. Part of the reason she was bummed out was due to her impact on the film industry last year, both culturally and representation-wise.

“…I was kinda mad that she didn’t win ’cause I feel like she should’ve won at least one of the awards. She won ‘The Color Purple’ one, but that’s like a group trophy, it’s not the same as like your own, and I was very, very upset that she didn’t win, knowing how much of an impact she made on the Black community last year and it’s a Black award show.”

Also, for context, Halle landed an NAACP Image Awards nomination for playing Ariel. However, that’s the one she lost to Fantasia. DDG shared that Halle was “kinda down and out about it,” but he said he encouraged his lady to “forget them awards” because she “should’ve won something.”

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So, to make it up to his son’s mother, DDG decided to surprise Halle with her own award show! He started by customizing at least five mini-statues with some intimate category wins.

He sat Halle down and began his surprise award show, where he later posted the results on Snapchat! At the start, Halle was feeding their son Halo a bottle and was completely unaware of how her man was about to woo her! He called the moment the “Halle Awards.”

DDG Surprises Halle Bailey After Her NAACP Image Award Losses
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 16: Halle Bailey and DDG attend the 55th NAACP Image Awards. (Photo by Kayla Oaddams/FilmMagic)

What Halle Won At Her Personal Award Show

DDG put extra sauce on his surprise by repeatedly announcing her as the only nominee before presenting her with the first award. Meanwhile, the occupied mama smiled, laughed, and blushed at her man’s effort.

The first award was for ‘Best Cat Sitter.’ The second was for ‘Best Woman,’ while the third was for ‘Best Artist’ for her new single ‘In Your Hands.’ By the fourth, Halle was wiping tears from her eyes. That award was for ‘Best Sweetheart.’ Then came the ‘Best Partner’ award.

“You’re gonna make me cry,” Halle said with her hands full of mini trophies and an empty baby bottle.

The final award, though, had our sis eyes really leaking. DDG held Halo and walked over to Halle to present her with the ‘Best Mother’ award.

DDG, adding some comedy to the moment, did a lil’ voiceover for their son but kept his face blurred from the camera.

“That was really sweet, y’all made me cry. You didn’t have to do that. Why did you do that,” Halle asked through tears.

Swipe below to see the sweet interaction. 

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